Big Finish have just announced their latest companion for the Eighth Doctor! Actress Rakhee Thakrar, perhaps best known for her role as Shabnam Masood in Eastenders, will be playing the part of ‘Bliss’ a scientist who will be working alongside Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor in the four box set Time War series.

As per producer David Richardson, Matt Fitton is said to have written the part of Bliss with Thakrar in mind. “… it was lovely when Rakhee accepted the part with such total delight. She’s brilliant and lovely and fits right in with the ever growing Big Finish family.”

Thakrar was at one point rumoured as a primary candidate to replace Jenna Coleman as the new companion when character Clara Oswald left the program at the end of series 9. It seems like a great opportunity to finally bring the actress into the Whoniverse, once and for all.

As for what to expect for the Time War series and Bliss, David Richardson said, “He (The Doctor) may be trying to avoid getting embroiled in the Time War, but the Eighth Doctor has found a new friend who knows how to blow up a Dalek – enter Bliss, a scientist trying to stay alive in the heat of temporal battle.”

Rakhee Thakrar talks about her role as Bliss. ” Getting to voice the role of Bliss alongside the Doctor is an absolute dream.” Thakrar continues, “She’s a character who I’d like to be more like; someone who puts aside her own fear to help others. I think Big Finish have created a great companion with Bliss, she’s incredibly bright but is not excluded from making mistakes and having a sense of humour. I find her very real, and she’s a joy to play. I’m thoroughly excited to join the Doctor Who team.’

The Eighth Doctor has come a very long way from his early adventures with Charley Pollard and the time War is known to have been very hard on him. Here’s looking forward to a bit of Bliss in what’s sure to be a stellar set of stories and an excellent new companion!

And as a side note, for those looking to know more about Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair, never fear. Big Finish have assured us that there will be more news to come in regards to the Eighth Doctors travels with them.

To Pre-order Doctor Who – The Eighth Doctor: The Time War Series 1 visit the Big Finish website.


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