Big Finish has announced today that they are starting an exciting new range of audios for the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor called The Doctor Chronicles.

Each box set will contain four stories narrated by Nicholas Briggs, the Executive Producer of Big Finish. Briggs is also a writer, director and actor and is perhaps most famous for being the voice of the Daleks. He is, however, no stranger to voicing various incarnations of The Doctor and has said of his performance, “I’m not a mimic or an impersonator, although I’ve always had fun capturing the essential spirit of people’s voices, so that’s what I’m doing here.” 

Brigg’s is not alone. Joining him will be past companions who have worked alongside their specific Doctor, for instance, Camille Coduri who is known for playing Jackie Tyler, mother to Rose Tyler and Bruno Langley as the companion who could have been playing Adam Mitchell. Both Companions will be reading alongside Briggs in Ninth Doctor stories.

BIG FINISH - Bruno Langley and Nicholas Briggs - Doctor Who - The Doctor Chronicles
BIG FINISH – Bruno Langley and Nicholas Briggs – Doctor Who – The Doctor Chronicles

Fans of Titan Comics Ninth Doctor series will be happy to have series writer Cavan Scott Kicking off the Ninth Doctor box set with a story called ‘The Bleeding Heart’. Other Big Finish familiar writers include Una McCormack, Scott Handcock and rounding out the first series is writer James Goss.

Details are still limited at the moment, especially for the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor series but this series of Box sets will no doubt be wonderful additions to Big Finish’s collection of New Who stories. Thankfully this doesn’t rule out plans or hopes to one day make more full cast audios, with each Doctor, as Nicholas Briggs pointed out. “So while we’re waiting to one day hopefully make full-cast adventures with these Doctors, we thought a good way for us to explore these more recent eras of the programme would be to have me performing them as enhanced readings, with guest voices too.” 

The Ninth Doctor Chronicles will be released in May while the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor sets are set for 2018. Each volume will be available to purchase separately at £20 for Download or £23 for a CD version. You may also purchase a pre-order bundle which includes the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor Chronicles for £55 as Downloads or £66 on CD. Prices will rise to £80 and £100 upon release.



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