Big Finish has announced today that the Doctors Missus is back!

Alex Kingston will reprise her role as the Doctors wife River Song in a third series of audio adventures. On TV River Song has met – through her wibbly wobbly timeline – the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelve Doctors. Now Big Finish is taking this charming and deadly time traveller back to meet more timelords.

In series one and two River encountered the Sixth (Colin Baker), Seventh (Sylvester McCoy) and Eighth (Paul McGann) Doctors now she will work alongside Peter Davison’s Fifth. But they are not alone as Frances Barber reprises her role of Madame Kovarian, the eye patch wearing associate of the religious movement the Silence. Who fans will remember that Kovarian was instrumental in the use of River Song for the sole purpose of murdering Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor.

Big Finish – The Diary of River Song Series 2

David Richardson, producer of this series, tells us all about this new box set: “River has been on a journey through the lives of past Doctors, and in Series Three, she meets the Fifth Doctor (having encountered his Sixth and Seventh incarnations in Series Two, and the Eighth in Series One). So what a treat to throw Madame Kovarian into the mix too, and have Alex, Peter and Frances working together in the studio. There was, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear, much joy and laughter between takes.”

The Diary of River Song Series 3 will be available from January 2018 and will consist of four brand new stories….

3.1 – The Lady in the Lake by Nev Fountain
3.2 – A Requiem for the Doctor by Jac Rayner
3.3 – My Dinner With Andrew by John Dorney
3.4 – The Furies by Matt Fitton

You can pre-order these adventures in time for the New Year from today. Available at £23 on CD or £20 on download. Don’t forget that all CD purchases get a download exclusive as well, available on the Big Finish app.

Big Finish - The Diary of Rover Song
Big Finish – The Diary of Rover Song


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