Big Finish are celebrating 30 years of the Seventh Doctor with some special offers. Now, due to popular demand, discounted prices on some Sylvester McCoy titles have been extended for the whole of the upcoming weekend.

Sylvester McCoy - Doctor Who - Time and the Rani
Sylvester McCoy – Doctor Who – Time and the Rani

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of Sylvester McCoy’s debut as the Seventh Doctor in ‘Time and the Rani’. To mark the occasion Big Finish have some real bargains. For fans of the Seventh Doctor this is a great opportunity to fill any gaps in your collections. To others it provides a chance to explore some of Sylvester McCoy’s work for the first time. There is a wide range of titles available. The Main Range, Novel Adaptations and Lost Stories are all represented. Prices start at £1.00 to download three early stories. Other titles are only £5.00 to download or £6.00 on CD with the UNIT: Dominion box set for £20.00 to download or £25.00 on CD.

Full list of titles available:

  • Main Range 13. The Shadow of the Scourge (£1.00 download)
  • Main Range 21. Dust Breeding (£1.00 download)
  • Main Range 39. Bang-Bang-A-Boom! (£1.00 download)
  • Main Range 130. A Thousand Tiny Wings (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Main Range 131. Survival of the Fittest (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Main Range 132. The Architects of History (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Main Range 152. House of Blue Fire (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Main Range 163. Black and White (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Main Range 164. Gods and Monsters (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Main Range 180. 1963: Assassination Games (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Main Range 198. The Defectors (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Main Range 201. We Are The Daleks (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Main Range 202. The Warehouse (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • The Lost Stories 2.04. Crime of the Century (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • The Lost Stories 2.05. Animal (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • The Lost Stories 2.06. Earth Aid (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Novel Adaptations 1. Love and War (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Novel Adaptations 2. The Highest Science (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • Novel Adaptations 6. Damaged Goods (£6.00 CD, £5.00 download)
  • UNIT: Dominion (£25.00 CD, £20.00 download)
Big Finish Novel Adaptations: Damaged Goods by Russell T Davies and adapted by Jonathan Morris

Amongst the titles available are the adaptation of Russell T Davies’ Virgin New Adventures novel ‘Damaged Goods‘, the return of Fenric and the Haemovores in ‘Gods and Monsters‘ and the debut of companion Raine Creevy in ‘Crime of the Century‘. Three more titles have also been added, ‘The Defectors‘, which sees the Seventh Doctor reunited with Jo Grant and Captain Yates, ‘We Are The Daleks‘ and ‘The Warehouse‘.

Fans keen to take up any of these offers have until 23.59 (UK time) on Sunday 10th September 2017 to make purchases. Go to using the offer code seven30 to access these discounted prices.


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