There can never be a hit franchise like ‘Sherlock’ without some Big Chief Studio merchandise….

Who better to guard a nerd lair than Sherlock Holmes? Or better yet, why not facilitate ‘Johnlock’ by adding the slick sidekick in John Watson? Perhaps Mycroft could keep an eye on things? Alternatively, an eerily true to life replica of Jim Moriarty could be lurking nearby, and what might it be like to own the door to 221B?

All this is all perfectly possible as fan-favourite figurine makers Big Chief are selling these staple characters in all their likenesses. Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Andrew Scott and Mark Gatiss are all on hand and make fine editions to any collection out there in 1:6 figurine form.

Jim Moriarty
Yours To Own

Unfortunately, Big Chief’s classic Sherlock replica has sold out but you can pre-order ‘Sherlock The Abominable Bride’, complete with deerstalker, magnifying glass and Victoria coat.

BIG CHIEF STUDIOS - Sherlock The Abominable Bride - Holmes and Watson
BIG CHIEF STUDIOS – Sherlock The Abominable Bride – Holmes and Watson

A regular Dr John Watson is currently on special offer or you can pre-order Watson alongside Holmes in a special signed ‘The Abominable Bride’ pairing. Big Chief has also paired Watson with the villainous Jim Moriarty accompanied by a replica of the iconic 221B entrance.

And the stunning replica of the iconic 221B entrance doesn’t get any more uncanny than this, with endless hours spent researching measurements of stonework and scale. The railings and door panels shine magnificently. Even the letter box opens! The diorama is complete with an internal lamp that atmospherically illuminates the overarching window above the famous door.

Mycroft Holmes

Finally, Sherlock’s big brother Mycroft is about to join the collection. The 1:6 scale collectors figure features a fully realised portrait of Sherlock co-creator and actor Mark Gatiss, outfitted in one of his tailored three-piece suits, his trusty umbrella at the ready. This new piece will be available to pre-order very soon.

But where are the ladies? Hands up if you would like to see Mary Watson and Mrs Hudson take their place in the collection.

Ultimately, collectables are a fun way to express love for a show. After all, the program is key to culture thanks to merchandise. Each product from Big Chief is a triumph in authenticity, a commitment to craftsmanship. Consequently, the world of BBC’s Sherlock transcends the screen itself.

For a full list of accessories, more pics, specs and to order see the Big Chief Studios website.

Don’t miss the finale of series 4 of ‘Sherlock’ tonight on BBC One at 9pm.


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