The latest UK TV listings magazines have revealed some very interesting information about the series finale, The Big Bang. Read the news below – be warned, they are SPOILERS (though not that big it has to be said). Sources cited are TV Guide and TV & Satellite Week.

• Matt stated that his call sheet throughout shooting the previous 12 episodes included additional scenes for the finale. “When we were doing Flesh & Stone, I’d get to the end of the day and realise that I’d got to do this extra sequence that I had no idea about. All I know is I’ve got to be quite concerned about Amy.”

• When asked “Is Amy OK?” Matt says: “She’s dead but Rory is still around. That’s all I can tell you.”

• When asked about River Song, Matt comments: “There is a a scene near the end of the episode where River Song and The Doctor have a little chat about the exact nature of their relationship”

• Filming on Christmas Special starts on July 12. It’s the “most Christmassy special there’ll ever be” with an equally special cast list.


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