Sheridan Smith
Sheridan Smith

Big Finish just released some huge news: Sheridan Smith is returning to the part of Lucie Miller for two new adventures with the Eighth Doctor!

Big Finish Executive Producer Jason Haigh-Ellery just announced, live on stage at Gallifrey One 27, that Sheridan Smith will return for two special new Short Trip adventures.

Smith’s last adventure was five years ago, in Doctor Who: To The Death when her character died saving Earth from a Dalek invasion. Her first new story is Alice Cavender’s Doctor Who: The Curse of the Fugue and takes the Eighth Doctor and Lucie to the Winter of Discontent in 1978-9, notable for its work stoppage. The pair are soon deeply immersed in the winter’s swirl of events, strikes, and politics at an old people’s home. This is out in April, and can be pre-ordered here.

Smith’s return to audio is very exciting news for her legion of fans, who loved her time with Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor. Smith is just as delighted to be back.

I have missed Big Finish,’ Sheridan announced, ‘And I have missed playing Lucie – I can’t tell you, honestly, those years of playing her with Paul McGann were so much fun. I’m very grateful and happy to be back in the studio. The fans have been great, they’ve really taken to her, they write lovely messages to me on Twitter. I’ve missed her!

The last few years have been remarkable for the actress. She has received an OBE, and a BAFTA for her work in the television series Mrs Biggs, the wife of notorious train robber Ronnie Biggs. Smith also won two Laurence Olivier awards for her work on stage in Legally Blonde and Flare Path. She has also appeared, with rave reviews, in Cilla, Inside No 9, and the stunning The C Word.

It’s great to have her returning to Big Finish, and, who knows, perhaps these great Short Trips readings will lead to Lucie making a full-cast return to us one day,’ said Big Finish Executive Producer Nick Briggs.

Lucie will also star in a 2017 release, titled Doctor Who: Flashpoint, written by Andrew Smith, which takes place on a planet called Cerberin. In the meantime, hear Sheridan Smith discuss her return on this Big Finish Podcast.



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