The BFI have announced the guests who will take part in their screening of the Ninth Doctor episodes, Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways which takes place on August 24. Confirmed names are: Dave Houghton (Visual Effects), director Joe Ahearne, producer Phil Collinson and actor Bruno Langley (“companion” Adam).
Next month will honour the David Tennant years with The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End on Sept 29 at 2pm (this is a Sunday screening) whilst the Paul McGann TV Movie, Doctor Who, will be shown on
Oct 5 at the earlier time of 10am. So far no guests have been announced
for these three screenings (will keep you updated).


  1. Wow I am surprised. For such a recent Doctor the turn out is pretty poor. No big new series names like Billie, RTD or Eccleston (that last one is less serious).

  2. Not even Noel Clarke, huh? Including John Hurt to take the place of Chris is the 50th, it seems the Beeb sure wants to sweep the Eccleston year under the rug these days…

  3. @Rafe. I have to agree that the lack of involvement by any major players in the Ninth Doctor era – either for BFI or for the Big Finish Destiny of the Doctors Ninth Doctor story which is the only one that doesn't feature a companion – is disappointing. The episodes being shown don't even feature Bruno Langley. For that you'd have expected them to recruit John Barrowman at least, or Camille Coduri or Noel Clarke. RTD's absence is also surprising, unless he's being saved for the Tenth Doctor one, which is possible.


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