Our chums over at Den of Geek have reported that Bernard Cribbins will not be appearing in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. Despite contacting the production unit in Cardiff and asking about his involvement, he was told “no” – read the full news piece HERE.
Next week, Den of Geek will be publishing a great interview Blogtor conducted with Bernard yesterday, where he chats about the Daleks (movie & TV versions), Peter Cushing, David Tennant and lots more!

Check out the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special section for all the latest news, pics and clips HERE



  1. No surprise there, seeing as it's the Rose Tyler-era Tenth Doctor we're seeing, not the Donna Noble-era one. I don't expect to see Martha either for the same reason. Appearances by Noel Clarke and Camille Coduri are more likely.

  2. Mr. Cribbins was the best thing about 10th's last season, and what got me to watch NuWho in the first place!

    I wonder if 10th & Rose appearing creates a "1969 Series 6B" situation like with the 2nd Doctor.

  3. Is anyone else saddened by eh fact that this brilliant actor (Cribbins) apparently enjoyed his WHO time enough to want back ion and CALLED them about it!

    He was SO awesome as Wilf, BBC should have jumped at the chance to have him back!

  4. The so-called 50th Anniversary is shaping up to be a big disappointment. It should be called the 8th Anniversary, as it's more accurate.

    Ooooh! Billie Piper is back? Amazing. Not.


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