40 years since Blake’s 7 first aired on BBC One, BBC Worldwide brings fans the entire four series on DVD from 12th March. 

Today, BBC Worldwide has announced that the complete collection of the classic BBC sci-fi adventure Blake’s 7 will be released on DVD on the 12th March and is available to pre-order now from amazon.co.uk.

Produced by Terry Nation, creator of the Daleks from Doctor Who, the cult sci-fi series was first broadcast on the BBC in January 1978 and ran for four, 13-episode series until 1981. The programme follows the adventures of a small group of rebels, led by Blake (Gareth Thomas), as they fight against the totalarian Terran Federation who control Earth.

Jan Chappell, who starred as Cally, says: “I am so happy that  BBC Worldwide are re- releasing the DVD Boxset to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Blake’s 7 because the fans of the programme have been amongst the most dedicated. Hurrah BBC!”

 The group also includes career criminal Vila (Michael Keating), alien guerrilla fighter Cally (Jan Chappell), strong-man Gan (David Jackson), pilot Jenna (Sally Knyvette), computer expert Avon (Paul Darrow) alongside the voice of their ship, the Liberator’s onboard computer, Zen (Peter Tuddenham) completing the original group of seven.

 The new release includes a wealth of bonus content: 

SERIES 1 – 2 x outtakes, Missing Scene, 1 x Robot, 2 x Flat Feet and a Blooper, Blue Peter Feature, Trailer for S2, 3 x audio comms , Character intros & Episode synopses.

SERIES 2 – Multi Coloured Swapshop, Jude Hudson’s costume Collection, Mat’s Models, Introducing Orace, The Mutoids, Ballad of Travis II, Saturday Superstore, Scene Today, Trailer for S3, 3 x audio comms, Small World & episode synopses.

SERIES 3 – Stuart’s Stunts, Sheelagh’s make up memories, Introducing Tarrant, Introducing Dayna, Trailer for S4, S3 Clean Titles, Blake’s Bloops, Nationwide 1979, Casting Tarrant, 3 x audio comms.

SERIES 4 – Introducing Soolin, Introducing Slave, Blake’s Bloops, Liz Parker on Pubble Mill, Blue Peter 1983, Ken Ledsham’s B7 Designs, Special Sounds, Forever Avon, S4 Clean Titles, S4 studio recordings, Terry Nations on Series 4 & 2 x audio comms.

Blake’s 7: The Complete Collection will be released DVD from Monday 12th March.

Pre-order the DVD from LINK.



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