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BBC to launch “The Doctor and the Dalek” game

The BBC has today announced
The Doctor and the Dalek, a new online game for CBBC audiences
voiced by Peter Capaldi. The game sees the newly regenerated Twelfth
Doctor thrown into a dangerous quest with his most devious of enemies in
a new, standalone, story from writer, Phil Ford (The Waters of Mars, Into The Dalek).
The Doctor and the Dalek – which has been specially
released to be part of the BBC’s Make it Digital
initiative to inspire a new generation to get creative with coding, digital technology and
programming – will be available freely at
bbc.co.uk/cbbc from Wednesday
22 Oct 22. Click on the images included here for bigger versions.
The Doctor and the Dalek
join the action as the TARDIS materialises amidst a deadly pursuit
through space – a Dalek Saucer bearing down on a Cyber-ship. But from
that Cyber-ship emanates a distress
call – from a Dalek! On freeing the battered Dalek from his Cybermen
captors, the Doctor finds himself taking his new unlikely ally on a
mission to save all of creation from destruction at the hands of his
greatest enemies.

why would a Dalek turn to its mortal foe for help? To find out, join
the Doctor and the Dalek in a new adventure spanning the Sontar
homeworld and its vile Clone Chambers,
which have never been shown on-screen before, as well as reintroducing
the icy Cyber-tombs of Telos – last seen in classic Doctor Who.

Doctor said: “Oi! Short and not-very-old one! I need your help – I’ve
got a Dalek and we’ve got a mission to save the universe. So get on over
to the CBBC website, and play
The Doctor and the Dalek while there’s still a universe left! Come on! Chop chop! Make it Digital on the BBC.”

Introducing computing skills
range of puzzles are featured throughout the game, where players must
take control of the Dalek and program it to “power up” its ability to
perform a range of tasks, such as
flying. Each puzzle unlocks an
achievement that helps the Doctor build the Dalek back to full
strength, ensuring it can take on increasingly difficult challenges as
the game
puzzles are linked to the new computing curriculum and are designed to
allow children across the UK to pick up core programming principles as
they play. Several key stage 2 and 3 curriculum
points – such as combining instructions to accomplish a given goal,
using variables to alter behaviour, repetition and loops, and logical
reasoning – are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay and, most
importantly for children, are intuitive and fun.

Resources accompanying the game will be available from BBC Learning at
for teachers and parents to help children get the most
out of the game. These will provide links to other resources available
from across the BBC and third parties, enabling children and teachers to
take their learning journeys further.

Danny Cohen, BBC Director of Television, said: “The Doctor and the Dalek
is a brand new Doctor Who story and a fantastic game, voiced by the
wonderful Peter Capaldi. It’s an excellent example of how a hugely
popular BBC show can give fans something extra, whilst also introducing
wider audiences to increasingly important skills,
such as coding and programming.”

Sinéad Rocks, Head of BBC Learning, said: “We’re really excited about the launch of
The Doctor and the Dalek as not only is it a really entertaining
platform game for kids to play but it’s also a great introduction to
some key principles of computer programming. Every puzzle has a strong
link to the KS2 or KS3 computing curriculum.
So we think it’s going to be a really valuable tool for students,
parents and teachers.”

Thanks to BBC Worldwide

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  1. The idea of programming Daleks as a tool to teach computing sounds tantalizingly familiar to a legendary game for the Apple II called Robot Odyssey. You had to build chip-based programs to maneuver robots around a maze. There wasn't a person who played the game seriously that didn't become a programmer. I can but hope this game results in the same level of inspiration.


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