For the first time ever, BBC Studios will be hosting an official Doctor Who stand at MCM London Comic Con. The stand will include exclusive merchandise and experiences for fans.

Although BBC Studios has previously held its own official Doctor Who conventions, such as 2013’s Doctor Who Celebration and 2015’s Doctor Who Festival, it’s now teaming with MCM for the first time to have a major official presence at this year’s London Comic Con. The stand will feature a number of exclusive opportunities for fans.

Included at the stand will be one of the TARDIS Police Boxes used on screen in Series 11.  So you’ll be able to get up close with the very same doors Jodie Whittaker herself has used.

There will also be an exclusive preview of the Doctor Who: The Live Escape Game adventure. The full Doctor Who: The Live Escape Game experience will be opening at sites across England in December, with further locations set to be added in 2019. But visitors to MCM London Comic Con will have the opportunity to get a special taster of part of the experience. The increasingly popular escape room format sees small teams of players enter a locked room environment – their mission: to escape. Players must work together to search the rooms for clues and solve the puzzles to progress to the next room. The race against the clock until they’ve escaped the maze, or their time runs out. The Doctor Who: The Live Escape Game experience is the result of a team-up between BBC Studios and Escape Hunt. More details can be found on Escape Hunt’s official Doctor Who page.

Doctor Who: The Live Escape Game is coming soon from Escape Hunt (c) BBC Studios/Escape Hunt
Doctor Who: The Live Escape Game is coming soon from Escape Hunt (c) BBC Studios/Escape Hunt

The official BBC Studios Doctor Who stand will offer previews and sales of merchandise not yet on general release

The new book Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived – Amazing Tales for Future Time Lords by Christel Dee and Simon Guerrier will be among the books on sale at MCM London Comic Con too. But if bought at the con, it will come with an exclusive gift not available anywhere else. Each book sold comes with a t-shirt featuring a beautiful art piece of the Thirteenth Doctor. You can read Blogtor Who’s review of The Women Who Lived here.

The official Doctor Who stand will also be hosting the sales launch of two new children’s books. Dr. Thirteenth is the latest addition to the popular and nostalgic series of Mr.Men/Doctor Who mashups by Roger Hargreaves. While The Secret of Vault 13 by David Solomons sees the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends racing against time. Can they beat the sinister Gardeners of Tellus to discover exactly what’s so mysterious and dangerous about Vault 13?

See the world debut of the new Doctor Who Barbie, and get up and close with the world’s most popular doll as she takes on the form of the world’s most popular time traveller. However, note that it appears the Doctor Who Barbie doll will simply on display at the event. The doll is not yet available for sale.

This beautiful Doctor Who t-shirt will be available exclusively at MCM London Comic Con 2018 (c) BBC Studios/Penguin Random House
This beautiful Doctor Who t-shirt will be available exclusively at MCM London Comic Con 2018 (c) BBC Studios/Penguin Random House

In addition to the official stand, MCM London Comic Con plays host to several Doctor Who stars.

Separate to the official BBC Studios stand, a number of notable Doctor Who guests will be attending MCM London Comic Con. Sixth Doctor Colin Baker and Eighth Doctor Paul McGann will be signing autographs and holding photo opportunities at the event, as will David Bradley, who took over the role of the First Doctor for last year’s Twice Upon a Time, and Bernard Cribbins who played the beloved Wilf Mott during the Tenth Doctor’s era as well as Dr. Who’s companion Tom Campbell in the big screen movie Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150ad back in 1966. However, when planning your day make sure to note that Baker and McGann are attending Friday and Saturday only, while Bradley will be there just the Saturday and Cribbins is only arriving on Sunday.

Paul McGann and David Bradley in Waking the Dead (c) BBC
Paul McGann and David Bradley (seen here in Waking the Dead) will be among the Doctor Who guests at MCM London Comic Con (c) BBC

MCM London Comic Con is one of the biggest events in the British convention calendar. Every year is features a wide array of guests from across the spectrum of science fiction, comics, anime and gaming. This year it takes place on the weekend of the 26-28th of October. Weekend tickets are already completely sold out but limited numbers of priority and general tickets are available for all three days. For details of the full line up of guests and events and to buy tickets go to MCM’s website here.


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