I have to hand it to the BBC. They pulled it off.  The internet didn’t get it right. The bookies seem to smell something but Kris Marshall was still in the lead before the announcement (correct me if I’m wrong.)

Chris Chibnall and the BBC managed to hide this pretty much everyone.  So how did they do it?  Usually some eagled-eyed fan or a tabloid journalist spots the new Doctor on set as they film the ever important regeneration scene.

The Great Reveal

The new lead writer and executive producer, Chris Chibnall certainly learned a thing or two from his Broadchurch days.  On Broadchurch,  the grand mystery was which resident of the seaside town killed Danny Latimer.  Everyone was guessing.  All the actors were kept in the dark right up to the end.  Only the very, chosen few were told just a few hours before they needed to film the key scenes who the murderer was.   Journalist didn’t get to see the last episode for review and the script just wasn’t there to get your hands on.

Director Rachel Talaway has spilled the beans on twitter.  The regenerations scene hasn’t be filmed yet.  Much easier to avoid the press and the fans if you don’t show up on the set.  Also if you have another currently between jobs actor around near the studios to throw everyone off the scent, – namely Kris Marshall – it doesn’t hurt either.

So well done.  Hopefully we will have a lot of unrevealed spoilers in Series 11.  Here’s hoping.

Will Thirteen be Ginger?

Now — one more thing.  Jodie Whittaker was a blonde during the reveal. But we all know, our first look at the Doctor isn’t what we’re going to see on screen.  They all have a different look when they get inside the TARDIS.  And I’m betting Thirteen is going to GINGER!! Why? Why not? Certainly, Whittaker has spent a considerable amount of time with various different haircolours in her career.  And we need a GINGER.

So only 159 days til will find out. Can’t wait.


  1. Dying your hair red doesn’t make you a ginger. No more than the black and white minstrels were of African origin. Just saying. And yes, I’m a ginger 🙂

  2. The betting in the UK actually gave it away a little – Jodie had become favourite before the announcement mainly because a couple of (I am guessing significant) bets seemed to have been placed at two bookies on Saturday afternoon, which led first to her odds being slashed and then to bets on her being suspended. Someone found out a day early, but tried to make money out of it rather than letting on. White is kind of OK…

      • Ha I always sound like a demented gerbil due to auto-correct and multi-taskng. And thanks for the details on the betting. I stopped paying attention but after my second interview asking about a female Doctor and the betting it seemed like something was going on.


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