Featured below is the BBC Drama Autumn/Winter show~reel, including the first glimpses of the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special; starring Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins. Visit the Christmas Special section HERE.

Also popping in the trail are Christopher Eccleston (Accused), David Tennant (Single Father), Matt Smith again (Christopher & His Kind) and Mark Gatiss (First Men in the Moon). Click on the pics below for bigger versions.


  1. Nice little touch to put Smith/Eccleston/Tennant just after each other.

    Looks like it's going to be a strong season!

  2. And this only the Drama. I would pay £145.50 a year for a season of Doctor Who alone. It drives me crazy when people question the validity of the license fee but happily pay Sky £30+ a month for the dross they provide.

  3. can i just move now, even though I don't have a passport. Anyone across the pond want to stow me away so I can watch and not wait a thousand years for any of these brilliant jems to get over here to the States

  4. I could not agree with elliot paige more. People pay £2.50 a week (or something close to that) and for that they are getting all the masses of quality TV on the four BBC TV channels, tonnes of radio channels I can't even count them, AND heaps and heaps of online content that is also quality (just look at the Adventure Games).

    It just angers me when people complaint about having to pay such a small amount a week even though they're getting so much good stuff for it.


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