Earlier this evening, the official Doctor Who website confirmed that Series 8 of the show has been commissioned by the BBC. Current showrunner Steven Moffat is on board, reaffirming what he told reporters last weekend HERE. The BBC have not made any official casting announcements regarding Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith though both are definitely involved in the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special which starts shooting in “August or September“.


  1. ok,TO start off i am a big fan of doctor who i love watching it ever since i saw the first episode of 2005 when christopher ecclseston ran off with rose, so big fan. But i dont get it who is clare oswin oswald i just watched the newest episode of doctorwho and im just baffeled as to what she is Im not even the slightest bit interested aboout doctorw who anymore secret big secret who cares who is clara what is her connection to Riversong and why the hell was he always able to see her i guess its just another one of those alien thigns empathic or whatever I mean honestly Its all just so weird. I digrees river song and clara …what?!..lol Its really something i would like to discuss with another person if possible im just one mind i need feedback are they related do they cross somewhere in the doctors timeline or are they just..bleh!.you know


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