Presented for your viewing pleasure below is one of the idents that the BBC will use over Christmas to promote The End Of Time. You can see the accompanying other three idents HERE.

[Use the play button in the bottom part of the player]

ETA: Here’s another copy of the ident for those of you having trouble with the one above.


  1. Hey there, I really love this video…hopefully gonna find it somewhere so that I can archive it for my own…

  2. When the Seventh Doctor finds out that that bloke's been impersonating him, there's going to be trouble.

  3. Makes me wish I lived in the UK.

    It's the small things in life, really…

    Such a shame… he's more popular than ever, and then he leaves. He could ride the waves of popularity for a year or two, on the Moffat-wagon. Oh well…

  4. They did a variation of it during the US premiere of "The Waters of Mars" on BBC America last night, but no sign of the "stings".


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