BBC Books have announced the release of three special facsimile editions of some Doctor Who classics tales.

On the 3rd November in the UK, the first Doctor (William Hartnell) adventures in ‘Doctor Who and the Crusaders, Doctor Who and the Daleks and Doctor Who and the Zabi will be released in hardback in all their original glory. Ideal for collectors, fans and as that special Christmas present.

Doctor Who and the Daleks (c) BBC
Doctor Who and the Daleks (c) BBC
Doctor Who and the Daleks was first released in novel form in 1964 and was the first Doctor Who novel of any kind. The Target edition followed in 1973. Its is written by David Whittaker, the very first script editor for the main TV show and Terry Nation creator of the Daleks and is based on the 1963 TV series The Daleks…….

A thick fog and a girl in distress are just the things that Ian Chesterton needs to escape from a life of dull routine. He has no idea that this is merely a prelude to an adventure quite beyond any normal conception of the word. Or that Barnes Common on a foggy autumn night is the last view of Earth he may ever have.

Both he and the girl he tries to help, Barbara Wright, are transported to a distant planet named Skaro by a mysterious old man known to them as the Doctor. With his grand- daughter Susan, the Doctor sets them down in a world all but destroyed by atomic warfare, the only survivors being a peace-loving and cultured people called the Thals and their bitter enemies the Daleks, horribly mutated both in body and mind.

Thrust into constant danger, his courage and determination tested almost beyond endurance, Ian is forced to struggle against alien creatures and superior enemies with no other weapons than surprise and ingenuity.

The rewards of victory are life for Ian and his new friends…but life where? Can the Doctor return him and Barbara to Earth again?

Available to pre-order now from The Book Depository and

Doctor Who and the Zarbi - BBC Books
Doctor Who and the Zarbi – BBC Books
Doctor Who and the Zabi is the second of these classic novels to be re-released. It’s based on the TV serial The Web of Fear written by Bill Strutton. His one and only commission for Doctor Who finds the Doctor, Ian and Vikki on the planet Vortis where they are taken hostage by the Zarbi, huge ant-like creates with metallic bodies and pincer claws….

But the Zarbi are not the only being in Vortis. Barbara has fallen into the hands of the butterfly-creatures with soft voices and iridescent wings, whose civilisation has been destroyed by the Zarbi. She learns that her captors are only the advance party of Menoptera in exile who plan to win back their planet by and invasion from outer space. For the Zarbi “have brought the dark age to Vortis”.

In the final thrilling chapters, Doctor Who and the crew of tardis encounter the power which controls both the Zarbi and the living Web City. How can they defeat this strange bladder of dazzling light which draws in and absorbs all who come into its presence?

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Doctor Who and the Crusaders (c) BBC Books
Doctor Who and the Crusaders (c) BBC Books
Doctor Who and the Crusaders was based on the 1965 television serial The Crusade and is the third and last of the original trilogy of Doctor Who novelisations published in the mid-1960s. Written again by David Whittaker and Terry Nation, the tale takes the Doctor, Ian and Barbara back to earth but not to what they know…..

The little blue telephone box has wheeled sharply in the cosmos and cut back through the pattern of history to the struggle between Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, Crusader v. Saracen.

When Barbara is captured by the Saracens and later kidnapped by the monstrous El Akir, Ian appeals to Richard for help, but despite having achieved a splendid victory over Saladin at Arsuf the English King has his own troubles and cannot assist him. So Ian sets out to rescue Barbara alone while the Doctor becomes involved in court intrigues.

In a dramatic climax, Ian finds himself fighting for his life in the harsh, cruel world of the twelfth century, where only the cleverest and strongest survive.

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These 3 classics will be available from BBC Books on the 3rd November. Priced £9.99.


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