BBC America are to air one hour documentaries looking at the era of each Doctor in a new series called The Doctors Revisited. It starts Sunday, Jan 27 with The First Doctor.

ETA: BBC America are advertising the series stating that a classic episode will be shown after each documentary. Their schedules now indicate a two hour slot for The Doctors Revisited: The First Doctor.
As previously announced, UKTV in New Zealand and Australia are currently airing classic Doctor Who stories every Sunday afternoon; details HERE. The BFI are also screening classic Who each month, details HERE.


  1. Hopefully Space in Canada will be showing. Just need BBCkids to add classic who again. Now we have K9 and Sarah Jane.

  2. Hoping there will be something similar for fans in the UK. It should be a year of festivities. I doubt it will happen but classic episodes on BBC2 would be fantastic.

  3. Yes, please. I'm not sure what exactly these documentaries will talk about, but alright, I'll take it.

  4. The special isn't an hour long…it was 40 minutes, including commercials. From the BBC Worldwide pamphlet that's been seen, it looks like the episodes are 25 minutes long and then BBCA is adding commercials to make it to the 40 minutes. Or, at least the Hartnell special was…

    I was happy that unlike many of the BBCA DW-related specials, they just used those with genuine DW connections and not any old fan or folks not associated at all with the series.


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