Bayban the Butcher (c) Big Finish Productions Blake's 7 Colin Baker Doctor Who

Bayban the Butcher. Movie poster style composite image. Main image is Bayban (blond perm, studded black leather space suit, gold skull necklace) looking victorious while holder an amber rock. To one side, Villa in grey draw sting top, looks fed up and Jenna looks glamourous and mysterious in black lace and satin. A man beyond wears an old fashioned opera cape and plague doctor’s mask. On the other side a woman in a black business suit, hand on hip, looks in control, her eyebrow arched. Behind all, a moon is caught in some sort of golden lightning storm above a rocky planet, a spaceship passes through dark stormy clouds as if crashing, and a castle with lit windows stands against the same stormy sky. (c) Big Finish Productions