Doctor Who fans are likely familiar with Big Finish Productions and their range of audio drama’s, even if they haven’t listened to them. However, Big Finish isn’t the only audio drama company around that is making a splash with Sci-Fi. In fact, Big Finish had teamed up with B7 Media to produce two truly exceptional audio drama experiences with Dan Dare Volume’s 1 and 2.

Last night, B7 Media won big with not just one top award, but four, at the New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards! They were up against the best of the best from around the world and the above mentioned Dan Dare Volume 1 received Silver awards in two categories, ‘Best Online Drama’ and ‘Best Director’ for, B7 Media founder, Andrew Mark Sewell. On top the great marks for Dan Dare, Sewell also won Gold for ‘Best Director’ in the category of Drama for Isaac Asimov’s I, ROBOT. I, ROBOT also took home Silver in the “Best Drama Special” Category.

Big Finish - Dan Dare Volume 1
Big Finish – Dan Dare Volume 1

Andrew Mark Sewell said, “Radio drama has always been an innovative medium in which to tell compelling and dramatic stories that inspire the listener’s imagination, without the need for extravagant Hollywood budgets. For B7’s work to be recognised with four awards is a brilliant testament to the talent and creativity of our cast and crew.”

“These awards really are an accolade shared between the entire production team. Particular mention must go to sound designers Alistair Lock and Wilfredo Acosta, along with composer Imran Ahmad, whose virtuosic invention empowers us to push the medium of audio drama to produce truly ambitious and immersive soundscapes that are pure cinema-in-sound.”

We here at Blogtor Who also had great things to say about Sewell’s cast and crew for Dan Dare and look forward to more daring audio adventures. I hope you’ll join us in congratulating B7 Media and their wonderful team on their victories and continued success!


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