Doctor Who Exhibitions: The Unofficial and Unauthorised History from Telos Publishing is available to order now on Amazon. Just a bit of shameless promotion it is by one of BlogtorWho’s writers – Bedwyr Gullidge.

Telos Publishing are an independent company who produce an acclaimed range of Unofficial and Unauthorised books. Their latest offering is something a bit special. Available to order now is the ultimate History of Doctor Who Exhibitions. The book is presented in both paperback and Kindle editions through Amazon in the UK and the USA. Order now by using the following links:

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With a truly evocative cover from Martin Baines and written by Bedwyr Gullidge, this promises to be an incredible trip down memory lane. Following months and years of research and development this book charts the previously untold history of the Doctor Who exhibitions. From the earliest temporary displays, right up to the closure of the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.

Remember the first time you visited a Doctor Who exhibition? The thrill of seeing the TARDIS. That terror of seeing the Daleks. Cybermen lurking in the shadows. Sonic screwdrivers on display. Prepare for all those memories to come flooding back. This is a title not to be missed by fans of Doctor Who!

Doctor Who Exhibitions: The Unofficial and Unauthorised History (c) Telos Publishing

Doctor Who Exhibitions: The Unofficial and Unauthorised History

For most film and television shows, the assets associated with their creation: the costumes, sets and props, are used once and then discarded or returned to dusty storerooms for possible future reuse. Fans of the BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’ series, however, have enjoyed a series of one-off and semi-permanent exhibitions which played host to the variety of props, costumes and, of course, the monsters which had appeared on screen.

Indeed, the very existence of these exhibitions allowed for the preservation of items which might otherwise had been destroyed or thrown into skips to become land-fill. They also shed light on the talents of the BBC’s various propmakers, costumiers and contractors, whose work can be admired when these incredible pieces of television history go on display.

From the earliest displays at the Daily Mail Exhibitions of 1964 and 1967, through the glory years of 1973 to 1985, when Doctor Who was a permanent feature of trips to Longleat House in Wiltshire, and Blackpool’s Golden Mile. From the exhibition at Llangollen from 1995 to 2003, to the modern displays in Blackpool, Brighton, London, Cardiff and other locations up until 2017. Bedwyr Gullidge explores over 50 years of ‘Doctor Who’ exhibitions, sharing the stories of the people who constructed and ran them, and of course the fans who visited.

This is the ultimate guide to what was on display and when, with detailed notes of how the exhibitions changed over the years, how their very existence encouraged the BBC not to destroy and discard their assets, and instead to allow them to be seen and appreciated by viewers.

Includes a black and white ‘Gallery’ section of images, posters and other items associated with the Exhibitions over the years.

Doctor Who Exhibitions: The Unofficial and Unauthorised History is available from Amazon. The Telos Publishing website is currently closed due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic. Instead the title is available to order online through Amazon.


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