By “Amelia Williams”
(Actually James Goss)

Read by Clare Corbett
2 Disc Set
Out Now
Summer Falls, as I’m sure you will be aware of, is a story written by Amelia Williams (also known as Amy Pond) and featured in The Bells of Saint John as the book read by Clara and the children she nannies for (pictured below, fact fans).
It is a story akin to the children adventure stories of old, such as the Famous Five or the Secret Seven, and follows the exploits of Kate who is determined to make the most of the last week of her summer holiday. Little does she know the Lord of Winter will send her on an adventure she could never have imagined.
I didn’t read the e-book when it was released and I was hoping there would be some interesting nuggets of information relating to Clara or the Doctor or even Amy Pond herself. There are some tenuous comparisons to be made, but nothing startling, which makes me almost annoyed that it contains the Doctor Who brand.
That said, taken outside of the Doctor Who universe it is an exceptionally sweet little story and beautifully read by Clare Corbett (pictured below), who is obviously a master of her craft. She differentiates her characters wonderfully, from an old Indian man to a ten-year-old girl. Corbett simply has a beautiful voice that is very easy to listen to.

However, will fans enjoy it given that it is not actually a Doctor Who story? I imagine only a few. Therefore I think it is important to give this recording two ratings [a first on Blogtor Who! – Ed.]:

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  1. The Doctor is *clearly* in it, only they call him Jonathon. There is a theory that the story may actually have happened for real within the Dr Who universe, and then been fictionalized by Amy Pond as she pillaged memories of things the Doctor said he'd been doing between their adventures together — and, what's more, that the protagonist of the story is actually another incarnation of Clara. No wonder Modern Clara likes the book so much….


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