White Ghosts
by Alan Barnes
Starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson
Out Now 

When the TARDIS is nearly hit
by a missile, it materialises on a planet at the edge of the known
universe, a planet so dark there is only one day’s light every thousand
years. A research group are attempting to discover what happens on this
day of light, but things are not all that they seem.
One of the
joys of Big Finish classic Doctor stories is they do such a great job of
re-creating the eras they are set in. This Fourth Doctor story sees Tom
Baker reunited with Louise Jameson as Leela, and the banter between the
characters is spot on for an autumnal Saturday in ’77.

Alan Barnes’
story is a fast paced two-parter with some great Fourth Doctor moments,
being utilised by the Time Lords for a mission, giant plants running
amok, research team light years from home and not up to quite what they
should be, and of course some fine Baker vocal booms. Its always a
pleasure to hear Tom on fine form, and with this good chemistry with
Louise, strong story/script and Nicholas Briggs experienced direction,
this is an audio adventure that bubbles along nicely.

For me, I’m
still quite new to Big Finish audios generally. Finding the time(s) and
the right place to listen and enjoy audio Doctor Who has been a bit
clunky, but the more I listen the more I’m enjoying this medium for Who
and trying to set more time aside to listen properly and get the
benefit. Some great people working on these, and the standard is high.
Thanks to Big Finish


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