by Nev Fountain
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Trouble In Paradise in an original audio adventure for the Sixth Doctor from the 50th Anniversary series collaboration between Big Finish and AudioGo, Destiny of The Doctor. The Doctor and Peri are sent on a mission by the Doctor’s future self that takes them to a sailing ship in 1492. The duo find themselves in the company of a very famous explorer, and a terrified crew gripped by a suspicion that ‘El Diablo’ himself will drag them over the edge of the world and in to hell.
Out of all of the installments of the Destiny of The Doctor series thus far, Trouble In Paradise feels the least representative of its era. The Colin Baker era is often slated as not one of the strongest parts of Doctor Who’s illustrious history; Baker wasn’t given the fairest crack of the whip during his tenure as the time-traveller but has more than made up for it with his excellent audio work for Big Finish.
This story doesn’t feel like 80s Who, but it’s a great story and represents all of the positive sides of Doctor Who as a whole. It has a wonderfully humous edge, a brilliantly conceived monster, a famous historical character and takes a momentous moment in history and very cleverly flips it on it’s head. There’s also a moment reminiscent of Peri’s first television story Planet of Fire where she jumps overboard that makes one regret that this is an audio adventure.
Nicola Bryant does a fine job narrating and as the american botanist Peri and Cameron Stewart is great as the second greatest explorer in the world. The story is ambitious to say the least and at times comes across a little over-complex, but it’s a wonderful idea and well worth a listen.
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