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AUDIO REVIEW: Lords Of The Red Planet

Lords Of The Red Planet 
Starring Wendy Padbury and Frazer Hines
Out Now
Review by Gavin Dunbar
The Big Finish new “Lost Stories” volume, Lords Of The Red Planet, takes us back to the Second Doctor’s era, with classic TARDIS crew Jamie and Zoe. Brian Hayles original story lines (two are wound together here in John Dorney’s adaptation) of the story that was eventually replaced by Seeds Of Death.
The TARDIS lands on Mars at a time way before The Ice Warriors should exist, and The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe discover brutal genetic experiments taking place that are trying to create a new genetically pure race, which is the ultimate distillation of the Martian life forms. It is in essence, the “Genesis of the Ice Warriors”, but the tone and flavour are very much set in the Sixties era of Doctor Who.
This is the first Second Doctor Lost Story I’ve heard, and was very impressed with Frazer Hines’ Troughton impression. Frazer and Wendy Padbury are in fine form, and it’s a bit of a family affair with Michael Troughton starring also, alongside Abigail Thaw, Charlie Hayes and Nicholas Briggs. It’s a real achievement to re-create the feel of the late Sixties so well, and the cast here manage it in style, no surprise with such high pedigree of Classic Who actors involved.
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