Heart Research UK’s Anonymous HeART Project is a charity auction with a twist, and one familiar Doctor Who face

Doctor Who’s Lady Cassandra O’Brien.Delta17 may have had her character flaws, like epic narcissism and the odd mass murder attempt. But the End of the World and New Earth villain certainly knew her art. After all, how else but the self-proclaimed ‘Last Human’ had a vintage iPod, ready to play Soft Cell and Britney Spears as the world burned? Selfless charity, however, wasn’t really in her repertoire. It’s fortunate, then, that the actor that portrayed her, Zoë Wannamaker, has a more humanitarian bent. Because Wannamaker is one of the contributors to the 2019 Anonymous HeART Project. A charity auction with a difference.

Heart Research UK have over half a century of experience and commitment to helping to combat heart disease. They’ve worked to help prevent heart disease, develop treatments and cures, and to support people born with heart conditions. Last year they added the innovative Anonymous HeART Project as a new way to support them, raising a massive £43,000. And they’re doing it again in 2019.

This year they’ve once again asked artists, celebs and other high profile names to create original art on a postcard. Apart from Doctor Who’s Wannamaker, everyone from Robert Smith to Keith Lemon to Alan Titchmarsh to Miriam Margoyles have created incredible A5 artwork to donate to the auction. The twist? Though the list of artists was available to all bidders, the artist of each individual piece is kept anonymous. Auction winners won’t know whose artwork they’ve bought until it’s delivered.

Everything raised by the auction will be invested in pioneering medical heart research, making hearts healthier in local communities, masterclassses for clinicians and driving innovative education in schools.

Heart Research UK are holding an open viewing of the artwork at Northern Ballet in Leeds on Wednesday the 9th of October. Registration is free and you can pop in anytime between 12 – 4pm. Register for your ticket to attend here.

You can download a pdf brochure, listing all the contributing artists, as well as the art and lot numbers, here.

Heart Research UK

Proud to stand out from the crowd, Heart Research UK is the charity dedicated your heart.

We inspire and invest in pioneering medical research, ground-breaking training and education, and in communities to improve their heart health for themselves. They are things we’re proud to have done for over 50 years and pushes us to do more.

Many peoples’ loved ones are around for longer now because we have driven advancements in prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease. We know research works and we focus on benefiting patients as soon as possible.

Always looking to the future, we give doctors unique opportunities to gain the latest skills, knowledge and hands-on experience to become the experts of tomorrow. We show youngsters born with heart disease, and those who care for them, that they can live active lives.

Our Healthy Heart Grants focus on what works in communities to prevent heart disease in the first place.


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