Although the successful Sarah Jane Adventures Reunion took place in Cardiff a few weeks ago, fundraising for Ty Hafan is still ongoing. A number of items have been listed on eBay to raise additional money for the Children’s Hospice. Autographs, books and mugs but also some unique artefacts are available to purchase and bid on. The standout item is a script for the unmade story ‘The Thirteenth Floor’.

Donated by writer Phil Ford, ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ was scheduled to have been the fifth story of Series 5. Sadly, the story did not enter production due to the untimely passing of lead actress Elisabeth Sladen. A Doctor Who Magazine Special, The Sarah Jane Companion: Volume Three, provided an outline to this unmade story. The concept was rewritten by Ford and used as a two-parter in ‘Wizards Vs Aliens’. However, fans have a unique opportunity to own a copy of the original version of the story featuring the characters of ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The 13th Floor script

This 3rd draft of the story is dated 4th January 2011. The cover page for the script also comes complete with a number of signatures. These include Phil Ford, Gary Russell, Scott Handcock, Joe Lidster, Sam Watts and Katy Manning, all of whom were in attendance at The Attic event. Starting at £99.95 the auction ends shortly after 2pm next Sunday and can be founby following this link.

Also Available

Sarah Jane Adventures – 10×8 Autograph Pack – 8 Cast Signatures

Plenty of other items are also up for sale on eBay and through The Attic’s online store. Some items, such as autographs and Bannerman Road mugs, are available to ‘Buy it Now’ on eBay. Autographs from those who couldn’t attend the event are available to purchase including prints signed by Daniel Anthony, Joss Agnew, Joseph Millson and Alexander Armstrong. Tommy Knight has also donated a ‘Bubble Shock’ t-shirt worn during the production of ‘Invasion of the Bane’ and an Order of Service prop from Sarah Jane Smith’s wedding. Fans who couldn’t attend the event can still order a copy of the DVD or BluRay. This release will include footage from around the venue, the talks, behind the scenes of the event and bonus interviews with guests. This can be ordered now from The SJA Reunion store.

Be sure to browse the items on eBay and The Attic’s online store as they look to raise even more money for Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice. Ty Hafan is only a short distance along the Welsh coast from the Bannerman Road filming location in Penarth. They provide care and support to life-limited children and their families. To continue this free service requires fundraising so please check out the following links and support this worthy cause.

The Attic Online Store available at:

The SJA Reunion eBay store at:


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