The Attic event will not only see cast members reuniting with each other but some will also be reunited with the costumes they wore on the show. Attending the event is the Made in Wales Exhibition who have a substantial collection of original, screen-used costumes from the Sarah Jane Adventures. Now they are giving attendees the opportunity to vote for which costumes they would most like to see on display.

As the Made in Wales exhibition have so many costumes from the show, and can only bring a limited number to the event, they want fans to pick which ones will be in attendance. For Tommy Knight there are seven complete costumes to choose from including his wedding suit from ‘The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith‘, plus a bonus t-shirt and shirt combination from ‘Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith‘. For Anjli Mohindra there are an astonishing 15 complete costumes to select from including multiple outfits from stories such as ‘Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith‘ and ‘The Man Who Never Was‘. The full lists are included below:

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Prisoner of the Judoon – Tommy Knight’s costume. Photograph (c) Made in Wales Exhibition

Tommy Knight

  • Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane?‘ (2007) – complete costume
  • The Lost Boy‘ (2007) – complete costume
  • The Last Sontaran‘ (2008)– complete costume
  • The Day of the Clown‘ (2008) – complete costume
  • Prisoner of Judoon‘ (2009) – complete costume
  • The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith‘ (2009) – two complete costumes to chose from
  • Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith‘ (2010) – turquoise t-shirt with a navy and red checked long-sleeve shirt
The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Man Who Never Was – Anjli Mohindra’s costume. Photograph (c) Made in Wales Exhibition

Anjli Mohindra

  • Day of the Clown‘ (2008) – complete costume
  • Mark of the Berserker‘ (2008) – complete costume
  • The Mad Woman in the Attic‘ (2009) – complete costume
  • The Eternity Trap‘ (2009) – complete costume
  • The Gift‘ (2009) – complete costume
  • The Vault of Secrets‘ (2010) – complete costume
  • Lost in Time‘ (2010) – complete costume
  • Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith‘ (2010) – four complete costumes to choose from
  • Sky‘ (2011) – two complete costumes to choose from
  • The Man Who Never Was‘ (2011) – two complete costumes to choose from

The costumes with the most votes will be at the event with other outfits worn by Elisabeth Sladen, Sinead Michael and Yasmin Paige, some on public display for the first time ever. Organised to mark 10 years of the Sarah Jane Adventures, reuniting cast and crew, the event will also raise money for nearby Ty Hafan’s Children’s Hospice.

Votes can be cast now at and for more information about The Attic event visit


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