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Asylum of the Daleks – What Did YOU Think?

Asylum of the Daleks has aired in the UK (with North America to follow in a few hours), but what did YOU think of the latest episode of Doctor Who? Please leave your thoughts, opinions and theories in the comments section below.  You can read Blogtor’s spoiler~free review HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT read the comments if you haven’t seen the episode.

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  1. Awesome start to an awesome series. Really excited about Season 7. The Ponds had me there for a second with their separation but I knew The Doctor would fix it at the end. Bring on the dinosaurs.

  2. WOW! Incredible!!! Best episode of the Moffat era so far!! Introducing Jenna early was a blinder by the Moff! The Daleks forgetting the Dr was good too. In fact, everything was amazing!

  3. Jenna Louise Coleman – gotta admit, I didn't see that one coming! Very nice surprise (in all ways!). Very exciting story from start to finish. I particularly liked the self-destruct Dalek in reverse! Oh, and the skeletonised daleks! Oh, and…..you get the point?! Totally fantastic start to series 7.

  4. I felt let down by it. There was so much going on i didn't have time to connect to any single story line. Moffat seems too keen on keeping it quirky that it borderers on annoyance now. Barely any substantial conversations. I love the action but can we have a few properly constructed sentences. However some great story lines have been set up and Rory and Amy were on top form. Moffats set up some amazing escape for Oswin too.

  5. Loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it! Clever stuff, tense, funny, poignant, crafty, downright creepy – must go, need to watch it again! And again… And again…

  6. Adoption.
    A surrogate.
    Asking the Doctor to take her to the best gynaecologist in the universe.

    -> Options Amy might want to consider before divorcing her husband over the fact that they can't have kids anymore.

    A very cheap plot device to add some drama while sacrificing common sense.

    Not to mention that kissagram turned model Amy obviously thinks her inability to have any more children makes her not good enough for the man she loves. Ugh.

    Otherwise it's a good episode but this part actually spoils it for me.

  7. quite disappointing. Lots of dosh thrown at a pretty piss-poor story line to make it look glammy. Full of holes and continuity slips, did nothing to resurrect the Dalek's menace. Made them look pretty dire, in fact. Matt Smith's Doctor has no real humility and little characterisation beyond his own cliches these days. Arthur Darvil would have made a better Doctor, yet his own series character is pretty strait-jacketed. Nottappy.

  8. Love the episode, but Jenna is his new companion Clara Oswald, could this be a bit like Gwen in Trochwood who look like one of her ancestors? Or it her twin. Just had a thought may she a "Flesh" clone .

  9. Still digesting (something never necessary in RTD's day) but initial reaction is "loved it". Adults enjoyed it, and 2 small boys quiet throughout. Satisfyingly, one little person followed tradition by hiding behind Daddy's jumper during the scary bits (sofa too close to wall to hide behind). More please.

  10. Unpopular Opinion Ahead: I can't stand the daleks…but this episode was one of the better one. And? I am totes #allinforOswin. I loved her. Totes want her to be the new companion, versus…the new companion. Hahah.

  11. Isn't Skaro locked in time with Galifrey? The hell show, the hell!?!

    Some bits were clever [all of 4, tricycle quote included), the opening animation was rubish but the logo good (at last, someone learned that jamming letters "DW" in middle of "Doctor Who" words reads wrong)

    Overall episode: pretty lame. The "twist" was seen a mile away (so Daleks are the creepy gasmask kids now?), half the things didn't add up, and Moffat was too busy throwing fidgety quirky lil lines around.

  12. Below average plot. The key to storytelling is to create obstacles that are worthy of your heroes quest. We didn't get that in this story. The Doctor seemed not only invincible, but flippant about the entire thing. He made the Daleks look like buffoons instead of scary. Can't shoot straight – looking all around up in the air like the Doctor is hanging from a wire from the ceiling. The Daleks NEED to be a true TERROR, or don't bother bringing them back at all.

    The Doctor effectively stomped a mudhole in the Dalek parliament and didn't seem to even feel threatened. How can you be a fan of Doctor Who and write garbage like that? Preserving the Daleks as a credible threat is CRITICAL to the series.

    This story is the antithesis of Genesis of the Daleks, which sought to instill a true sense of awe and fear in the word Dalek.

    This has to be one of Moffat's worst efforts.

  13. It was a nice return to the series 1-4 style of episodes. Still, there was an unnecessary level of inanities.
    What purpose did the divorce subplot serve? It was silly.

  14. I thought it was awesome, it might have been a little bit better if they maybe extended it out to two episodes to give it a bit more detail but overall it was pretty awesome

  15. I loved every second of it. It was everything that a series opener should be. The "surprise" casting of Jenna was a wonderful little treat for us. A slick, well written piece that made the Daleks genuinely scary (no easy task given some of the previous attempts). If this is the standard that we have to look forward to then I can't wait for the rest of Series 7.

  16. Wondering if some folk were watching the same episode… it was pretty dire last night and didn't live up to the hype.

    Thankfully for the Doctor, the millions of mad Daleks predicted turned out to be half a dozen slumbering retards covered in cobwebs spun, no doubt, by space spiders. Even Ruaridh could dodge them.

    It was Ruaridh's turn to deploy the universe's big secret weapon – luv – to save Amelia. But oh someone had beaten him to it.

    Chants of "Doctor who?" from the Daleks at the end were as corny as a bowl of soggy Kelloggs.

    Signs of someone running out of ideas and desperate to maintain the illusion of spectacles and big hits.

    It's starting to look like John Nathan-Turner's show with a bigger budget. Uh-oh…

  17. Very below average. I must admit I was dissapointed. The whole Amy Rory thing… really Moffat? Jenna was pretty good, I'm looking forward to her as a new companion. Never really liked Amy. The story was full of holes, but the trailer for the next episode looks promising.

  18. I'll just copy my review from Gallifrey Base 🙂

    Despite my dislike of the Daleks, I liked this episode very much. In fact, I have to say that this is my favorite Dalek episode so far (I still have some classic Dalek episodes to watch).

    The appearance of Jenna-Louise Coleman took me out of the story for 2 minutes, so kudos to the production team for keeping that surprise unspoiled until the transmission. Although she spouts the same lines of dialogue Moffat gives to all his women characters, she seems to bring something new to this template. And she is totally convincing as a slightly mad genius. I have absolutely no idea how she is going to come back into the show, or even if she will play the same character from the Christmas Special onwards, and I love that uncertainty. She irritated me a bit, but I have to say I've warmed up to her in the span of one episode, which cannot be said about Amy, River or Rory (specifically those three, because they're Moffat creations). If she returned as Oswin, then Asylum would be the most interesting companion introduction to date, IMHO.

    I loved the plot, the visuals, the direction and the effects work. But most of all I appreciated the great performances from all involved, especially Karen Gillan (no mean feat, as it took me 2 seasons to like Karen's performance as Amy).

    As a fun of everything surreal, I must say that Amy's hallucinations really stroke a chord with me.

    All in all, the character drama was the focus of this episode, which is the most important aspect of Doctor Who for me. I hope for episodes of this kind in the future.

  19. After a quite overburdened arc of Series 6, I wasn't too enthused about this year. However, I thought AotD was the best season opener of the Moff era. The Daleks were used sparingly and were actually quite spooky. There was less of the "humorous" Doctor insulting Daleks. All three regulars and the new girl acted flawlessly and the emotional scenes between Rory/Amy and Doctor/Oswin were affecting without being cloy. Yes, there were plotholes aplenty(where was the TARDIS all this time?) and Oswin was another River/Amy clone, and the Amy/Rory divorce-makeup seemed about as long as a Britney Spears marriage.

    But for 45 minutes I was glued to my TV and enjoying DW with all the spooky, goofiness of a child. No other show today does that and for that alone I'd give it high praise. If this level is kept up Series 7 should be a corker.

    Next week looks as good with Rory's dad, an Egyptian kick butt queen and Rupert Graves!

  20. I loved it! Made the Daleks scary again! Top notch! 10/10. Well done to the Who team for no spoilers leaked! Did not expect Jenna-Louise Coleman to turn up!

  21. "where was the TARDIS all this time?"

    At the Dalek ship, did you start halfway through the episode? 😉

    I liked the episode… But I'll get really mad if Jenna played a character compleatly unrelated to the new companion… That would be so annoying…


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