Rachel Talalay, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman - On set Doctor Who series 9 (c) BBC
Rachel Talalay, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman – On set Doctor Who series 9 (c) BBC


The official BBC Doctor Who website have uploaded two ‘Ask the Experts’ short clips in which Rachel Talalay answers questions put to her by fans about the four episodes of the show she has directed.

The first video asks ‘What was the hardest shot to film during series 8?’ to which she replies ‘The entire script!’. Describing it as ‘a huge Marvel movie with a hundredth of the time and a hundredth of the budget’, she goes on to reveal that Dark Water’s filming at St Paul’s Cathedral in London was ‘incredibly hard’ and the graveyard scene in Death In Heaven was probably the hardest because it was ‘never supposed to be sunny and never supposed to rain’. Watch it below.

The second video, entitled ‘Which series was your favourite to direct?’, poses her a difficult question as she is asked whether she preferred directing series eight or series nine, the first two seasons to feature Peter Capaldi in the lead role. Watch this below.

Saying she is ‘lucky to have done both’, she goes on to describe the series eight finale, which featured the return of the Cybermen and the Master, and saw both Clara and Danny leave the series, as ‘big, explosive’ and ‘action orientated’ and talks about her love for the guest cast of that year’s finale Dark Water/Death In Heaven. On her work for 2015’s series nine, which was no less ambitious, she struggles to find another word for ‘different’ as she tries to compare this series to last, but refuses to give an absolute judgement, saying that ‘it’s all comparing  apples to oranges – there is no favourite.’

Talalay quickly won fans’ admiration with her work on series eight and received even greater praise for her work last year, particularly the critically acclaimed Heaven Sent. Many reviewers have expressed a desire for her to return to the series and Talalay herself has said she would like to. Fingers crossed.


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