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Arthur Darvill talks Musical Who ep

Earlier this week, Blogtor caught up with the current cast of Once The Musical in London for a special performance and Q&A. In the video below you can see Arthur Darvill (Rory Pond) perform the OSCAR winning song Falling Slowly (with  Zrinka Cvitešić) and excerpts from a Q&A with the performers. During it, Blogtor asks Arthur about his thoughts on a musical episode of Doctor Who.

My thanks to Emrys Matthews for his camera work and assistance.


  1. Quite right, too, Arthur. "Once More With Feeling" (the Buffy episode he references) was nigh-on perfect, and unless they'd found a *really good* composer/lyricist to write a Who musical (let's face it, as brilliant as Murray Gold is at scoring Who, his pop song efforts leave much to be desired), it'd be a mere patch on "OMWF".

    Bonus question: who do you think *could* have written such a Whosical in lieu of Gold? (Do NOT even think of anyone with the surname Lloyd-Webber…it'd be rubbish.) Whoever composed "Once" might be a good choice, although I'm basing that solely on "Falling Slowly", in which Arthur does himself proud. Being a gynormous Buffy fan, I'd love to hear a Whedon score, except he seems to be rather busy these days. (Damn you, Marvel!) And I'll wager he'd love to do it, too, were it not for the aforementioned busy…


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