The Blogtor Who audio commentaries have come to an end with Doctor Who Series 2. We’re looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the 2006 finale, Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, for inclusion on the podcast (read out after the commentary). You can comment below, Tweet us HERE, Facebook us HERE or email us HERE.

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  1. (read this in a posh voice again please, its hilarious!)
    I didn't see this on original broadcast, but i came downstairs and saw a cybusman walking up the stairs, and that left an imprint on my whovian memories. but army of ghost was brilliant, i remember seeing the pre credits in my friends house.
    and doomsday. Daleks!? VS Cybermen!? When i watched then when i could take in the episode, i loved it..and the ending….wasn't that sad too me. but i have a headcanon to rectify this; The first face an incarnation sees, or has spent the longest time with, is sealed in the Docs hearts.
    Thw Whoovesian

  2. I'm from newcastle so feel free to attach whichever accent you feel appropriate
    I love this story, full of twists and turns with excitement, tragedy and some laughs in there too
    I remember being very excited watching the cliffhanger of Army of Ghosts at the prospect of a Dalek-Cyber war with a less enthusiastic school friend who was probably only watching because he fancied Billie
    The ending is tragic, while not personally a big lover of the romance story I do think the ending is emotional and so beautifully written, acted, and directed. Even my friend shed a tear during the beach scene, although perhaps that's because he couldnt stare lovingly at Billie anymore

  3. I'd appreciate a California Valley Girl circa 1984 accent. Like ohmigawd, thanks!

    I *loved* the CyberMen/Dalek trash-talking scene! Every time I watch that I get the giggles.

    It was great to see Mickey and Jackie again. The Doctor finally treated Mickey with respect and his scenes with Jackie in AoG were great. When he says, "But here she is, Rose Tyler. She's not the best I've ever had. Bit too blonde. Not too steady on her pins…And just last week she stared into the heart of the time vortex and aged 57 years. But she'll do," hhahahahahahaha!

    This 2-parter had a great balance of comedy, drama, action, and tears. Now that you're gearing up for the podcast I'll watch it again.

    Thank you, guys, for such a killer podcast! Blogtor Who gets me through some boring drive-times while sitting in traffic.

  4. (This week, for variety, instead of an accent, I would like some character work. Please read this first paragraph in the sexy bedroom voice of a Victorian man-about-town, and the second paragraph as Laura Dern's character in Jurassic Park.)

    I'm not prone to weeping at TV, but the scene on the beach made me cry, especially the part where Rose kind of stumbles on "I love you." Even better was the fact that the transmission got cut off early.

    The whole thing was perfectly imperfect. Not to go into spoilers, but it was a brilliantly tragic ending that should have stayed ENDED. Aaaaaah, watch out, raptors!!!!

    Many thanks for your attention in this matter,
    Jackie from Vancouver

    P.S. The notes on this post say "The Blogtor Who audio commentaries have come to an end with Doctor Who Series 2." This doesn't mean come to an end, right? You mean the Series 2 commentaries have come to an end, not the audio commentaries full stop, yes? Otherwise, I am so full of bitterness and regret. J from V.

  5. Each series' finale got bigger and better until season 4 and it started getting silly. Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday was a perfect balance and filled with great drama. The pre-title sequence with the Doctor and Rose on the alien planet made the final beach scenes so much more dramatic. Also, there was no silly prophecy or fate or fore shadowed events to get in the way of the story like series 4-6 did. Actual plot twits and drama. Not impressed at Rose's "death" but I liked her ending, the first time.

  6. As i find with a fair few two-parters, the 1st part was a bit naff, while the second was great. AoG's (that's army of ghosts Sandy)only saving grace was the Doctor's ghost busters routine. but beyond that, the glowy gimps in morph suits just weren't doing it for me.
    Things soon picked up though with some scenes of dalek's vs cybermen, something i've always wanted to see from my earliest memories of the 7th doctor. lastly the conclusion to Doomsday was by far one of my fav season closers, and one of the only times the show gave me a lump in my throat, something i sadly didn't get with the Pond's farewell.

  7. Army of Ghosts is a classic story (do I mean typical? I have no idea). It has everything DW episode needs: nice references to the series arc (of course, it is the finale), Earth under attack (once more!), Cybermen (you will be deleted) and the Daleks! 2.12 impressed me the first time I saw it and still I think it´s excellent. Serious, even tragic, but not losing sense of humour. I loved the scene when the Doctor arrived at the Torchwood institute and presented Jackie to the audience. C´est rigolo! And this (re? or pre?)incarnation of Martha Jones! Anyway, as Hamlet the Dane said “Then is doomsday near” (and David Tennant should know that better than anyone).
    P.S. I might be wrong, but I think Yvonne should have been wearing a blouse or a shirt under her jacket. It is a children´s sci-fi, isn´t it?
    And… well, Rajesh had learnt how to communicate with women and moved to England! I´m sorry, I just couldn´t help it=)))


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