No psychic paper required: Arcadia brings you to the Temple of Peace, home of Platform One, for a special one day convention

Cygnus Alpha Events are launching a brand new Doctor Who event in Cardiff, the home of Doctor Who since 2005! Arcadia will be taking place at the Temple Of Peace on Saturday 2nd November 2024. The Temple Of Peace famously appeared as the interior of Platform One in the revival’s second ever episode, The End of the World. Now you can be one of ‘the great and the good’ at an exclusive Doctor Who convention.

The Temple of Peace also featured as the Senate of New New York in Gridlock, the Sibylline Temple in The Fires of Pompeii, the Silurian Senate in Cold Blood, the Berlin restaurant in Let’s Kill Hitler and the bridge of the Imperial flagship in Nightmare in Silver. It was even the gallery in Sarah Jane Adventures episode Mona Lisa’s Revenge and was in minisode The Eternal Mystery. It’s also appeared in other shows such as Bad Wolf’s adaptation of His Dark Materials.

With the Temple of the Peace generally not open to the public unless you book it as a venue, it’s a rare opportunity to walk among the pillars of one of Doctor Who’s most iconic locations. It’s in line too with Cygnus Alpha Events’ frequent use of filming locations as the backdrop of smaller scale conventions. These have included Spearhead at the local hospital from Spearhead in Space, and Time Controller at the Coal Hill School location from Remembrance of the Daleks. Now Arcadia adds the Temple of Peace to the list.


The Temple of Peace in real life (c) Temple of Peace Doctor Who Arcadia
The Temple of Peace in real life (c) Temple of Peace

Tickets include lunch and an autograph with each guest

Cygnus Alpha are still announcing the full guest list for Arcadia but we already know Yasmin Bannerman, who played Jabe in The End of the World, is attending, with more to come. Tickets cost £90.00 per person. This includes tea or coffee on arrival, a finger buffet lunch and one autograph from each guest (excluding bonus guests.) All guests appearing at Arcadia will be taking part in a professional photo studio. This will take place in iconic main hall at The Temple Of Peace and the photos will be available in time for the autograph signing session. Tickets are limited to only 100, so book early to avoid missing out.

For full details, updates, and to buy tickets, see the official Cygnus Alpha Events page.


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