Back in October the first director for Doctor Who Series 8 was revealed – Ben Wheatley, see HERE – and earlier today another director was announced on Twitter. Douglas Mackinnon tweeted, “Start back at Doctor Who on Monday. Can’t wait to get started!” whilst adding that he is “doing a couple of eps”. Filming, it should be noted, does not begin on his episodes on Monday.
Mackinnon is no stranger to Doctor Who having been behind the camera on The Poison Sky/The Sontaran Stratagem, The Power of Three and, most recently, Cold War. For more news on Doctor Who Series 8, click HERE.


  1. I'm dazzled by that thumbnail image of Capaldi in dark scarf and with a bit of wavy, slightly Pertwee hair.

    When he was cast I thought to myself that he was a really nice distillation or hybrid of David Tennant (an older model, but with the same lithe frame and innate Scottishness) and Tom Baker physically (the eyes, but particularly the hawk nose). So it's nice to think a dash of Pertwee might find its way in.


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