Terrahawks are the new Big Finish Weekly Freebie! (c) Big Finish Productions Gerry Anderson Jamie Anderson Zelda Ninestein

Terrahawks are the new Big Finish Weekly Freebie! All the characters are representative of puppets with a design of large eyes and large heads slightly out of proportion with their bodies. At the bottom centre front of the image is the Earth, with a grid of green laser like lines mapped on to it. To the left Zelda (wizened, incredibly ancient) strokes her chin with one claw like hand while looking hungrily down at the Earth. On the right, is Dr. Ninestein (early 50s, greying hair, tanned, strong jawed and handsome) looking smug. He wears a silver polo neck under a blue/grey jumpsuit with silver epaulettes and a silver wing logo on one breast. At his shoulder is Kate Kestral (dark skinned, 30s, large pink afro hair) in a similar uniform to Ninestein’s only in pink. Arranged around them as if speeding towards other are robot cubes and robot spheres, each with mechanical faces (c) Big Finish Productions