Merry Christmas everyone! Doctor Who may not have provided us with a Christmas special in 2022 but we were treated to a Christmas present; a brand new teaser trailer for the 60th Anniversary specials! So what clues and information were revealed?

To provide some analysis of the trailer let’s break it down moment by moment. If you want to watch it again check it out above…

“Sometimes I think there’s something missing.”

Following some opening shots of London we once again see the TARDIS landing. Catherine Tate’s voice can be heard before we get our first glimpse of Yasmin Finney as Rose! After Yasmin’s incredible performance in Heartstopper it’s very exciting to see the trans actress in Doctor Who! But Rose seems to have seen something; a spherical item. Possibly in one of London’s many parks. We’ll come back to that.

60th Anniversary Teaser Trailer – Yasmin Finney as Rose (c) BBC

We get our first shots of Catherine Tate as Donna who is sat at a kitchen table talking to her Mum. That’s right, Jacqueline King is back as Sylvia Noble! There’s also a glimpse of her hugging what looks to be her husband Shaun Temple, meaning that actor Karl Collins is also back after his previous appearance in ‘The End of Time’. Intercut with these moments are lots of shots of our new Fourteenth Doctor played by David Tennant dashing about and being all dynamic. This is unsurprising as it’s the Doctor but the recent regeneration is certainly something unusual.

“I don’t know who I am anymore.”

The Doctors are often a bit unsure of themselves after a regeneration but this time it’s very different. We’ve not seen the Doctor use the same face again. How is it possible? Why this face again? But there might be even bigger things to worry about than those questions. There’s carnage on the streets and Neil Patrick Harris seems to be up to something. Now we also don’t know who NPH is either. Rumours are that he’s The Celestial Toymaker but there’s nothing conclusive in this trailer. Whoever he is, the character declares that “The show is just beginning” and promising a “worldwide premiere”.

60th Anniversary Teaser Trailer – Neil Patrick Harris as ? (c) BBC

There’s a brief shot of some sort of rocket or missile. Who knows what that might be! We also see an unidentifiable individual with an umbrella heading into a shop. Mr Emporium appears to offer games and magic in that red fronted shop. Is Neil Patrick Harris’ character called Mr Emporium? He definitely appears to be a performer and perhaps someone a bit magical. It’s all very intriguing.


Possibly the most exciting moment of the trailer was a clear shot of a white creature who utters the word “monsters”. Older fans of Doctor Who are fairly confident that this creature is Beep the Meep. So, history lesson. Beep the Meep first appeared in a comic strip published in Doctor Who Weekly. Yes, Weekly. It was 1980. That comic strip, ‘Star Beast’, saw Beep crash his ship, pursued by creatures called Wrarth Warriors, only to be found by two young humans. So, remember that spherical looking craft found by Rose and a young friend elsewhere in the trailer? Sounding familiar?

60th Anniversary Teaser Trailer – Beep the Meep? (c) BBC

Rose asks Beep “what are they?” And the monsters Beep seems to be referring to look very similar to the Wrarth Warriors seen in that Star Beast comic strip. We also see glimpses of UNIT, always good to see them back, and some form of explosive altercation between UNIT and the Wrath Warriors on the streets. So that all looks very exciting. But Beep the Meep and Wrarth Warriors on television in a Doctor Who trailer? On Christmas Day. Unbelievable. It’ll be all the more incredible in November 2023 if our hunch is correct!

“If she remembers me she will die!”

Perhaps most pressing is the future of Donna Noble. The dialogue at the start of the trailer suggests that Donna is aware of something lovely that has gone. We know what that was! But we are equally aware that if she remembers the Doctor then Donna’s “mind will burn and she will die!” With the Doctor back again in her life how will Donna survive? This offers up a brief bit of comedy in the trailer as Sylvia tries to hide the skinny man who Donna has spotted in her kitchen! Let’s hope for more of that. The Doctor’s dialogue suggests that if destiny exists then it is heading for Donna Noble. What does it all mean?

60th Anniversary Teaser Trailer – Catherine Tate as Donna Noble (c) BBC

Another guest actor revealed in the trailer is Ruth Madeley who will apparently be playing a character called Shirley Anne Bingham. How she becomes involved in the action we will have to wait and see. There are explosions, weapons, aliens, lots of running around. Looks like epic Doctor Who to us! We finish up with that shot of Ncuti Gatwa again still unsure about what is going on. For all the excitement regarding the returning actors and comic book characters, we mustn’t forget that the future is coming in the shape of the Fifteenth Doctor…

What did you think of the trailer? Do you agree with our analysis? Let us know in the comments.

Doctor Who will return in 2023!


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