The BBC have announced some cast details for the drama celebrating the genesis of Doctor Who from writer Mark Gatiss, An Adventure In Space & Time. Actor David Bradley (Dinosaurs On A Spaceship) has been announced as The First Doctor William Hartnell whilst Sydney Newman will be portrayed by Brian Cox (The End of Time), Verity Lambert by Jessica Raine (Phantom of the Hex) and An Unearthly Child director Waris Hussein will be played by Sacha Dhawan (The History Boys).
The one-off 90-minute BBC Cymru Wales produced drama is written by Mark Gatiss, who will also act as executive producer alongside Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner. Filming begins at the beginning of February at Television Centre before moving to Wimbledon Studios. It is produced by Matt Strevens (Misfits) and directed by Terry McDonough (Breaking Bad).

Who Should Star in An Adventure In Space & Time


  1. I've said ever since hearing of David Bradley being cast in series 7, that he would make a perfect 1st doctor/Hartnell for the 50th. just a shame that it isn't for a multi doctor episode


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