The BBC have released new promotional pictures for the “genesis of Dr. Who” drama, An Adventure in Space and Time – click on the images included here for bigger versions. Featured in the photographs are: David Bradley (who plays William Hartnell), Jessica Raine (Verity Lambert), Sacha Dhawan (Waris Hussein), Jeff Rawle (Mervyn Pinfield), Jamie Glover (William Russell) and Jemma Powell (Jacqueline Hil). 

An Adventure in Space and Time airs on BBC Two, Nov 21 at 9pm, on BBC America Nov 22, 9pm ET and on ABC1 on Nov 24 at 8.45pm. For more info and pics, visit HERE and pre~order the DVD HERE

Thanks to BBC Pictures.


  1. Drat! I'm in the middle of Troughton in my marathon, and this makes me want to go back to Hartnell. He's my favourite! 🙂

  2. Saw it last night at the BFI, very enjoyable but there is a cameo which I thought didn't quite gel and probably a missed opportunity.


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