UPDATE: BBC Worldwide has confirmed that Amazon Prime will not be getting the episode early as reported by PC Mag.


In surprising news, Amazon Video has pulled out the best early Christmas present for Who fans.

Rather than have to wait for Christmas Day for ‘Twice Upon a Time’, US viewers will have the chance to see it early. A whole week before the episode is transmitted on Christmas Day.

It is reported on PC Mag that Amazon Prime Video will be bringing ‘Twice Upon A Time’ to its service on December 18th. Traditionally it has aired in the US on BBC America on Christmas Day, but Amazon will be delivering early this year.

The hour-long special is written the last episode written by showrunner and lead writer Steven Moffat. It is directed by fan-favourite Rachel Talalay and executive produced by Brian Minchin. The guest stars include David Bradley as the First Doctor, Mark Gatiss as The Captain and Nikki Amuka-Bird as the voice of the Glass Woman. This will be the last episode for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor as he regenerates into the Thirteenth Doctor and hands over the keys to the TARDIS to Jodie Whittaker.

It’ll be very interesting to watch how this works out. It’ll be effective in combating the packed programming that Doctor Who fights against on Xmas Day in the US. But, how this will work with the BBC hoping to keep secrets of the plot, the regeneration, and Thirteenth Doctor reveal from breaking out before Christmas Day remains to be seen.

There are free screenings in the North of the UK throughout December. These aren’t as widespread and available as being screened on Amazon Video a week early though.

We will keep you informed for more information on this story as we hear it.


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