Next Saturday, October 29, sees the release of the Blogtor Who audio commentaries for the first 2005 two~parter, Aliens of London/World War Three. Both will be released at the same time. We are looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the Slitheen story for inclusion on the podcasts (read out after the commentary itself). Tweet HERE, leave a comment below or email us HERE.

ETA: We have now recorded the commentary, it’s too late to comment!

We are also looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the next story after that, Dalek. You can Tweet Blogtor Who HERE, leave a comment in the section below, or email us HERE. The audio commentary for The Unquiet Dead will be released later today.

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  1. Fun note about Aliens of London… this week it was discovered that Big Ben is actual, real life falling down. Seems pretty apposite, to borrow Cam's catchphrase.

    Seconding the vote of no confidence for the Slitheen, though, I'm afraid. The Space Pig was worlds of fun, and while it was quite a thrill to see properly aliens invade proper real life earth (and I absolutely loved the modern day references – Andrew Marr, massive weapons of destruction, all that good stuff! Set it right in our back yard), we've been invaded by so many cooler races by this point that I don't think it's aged well.

    We haven't, however, had an episode which deals with the media reaction and the real life consequences of an alien invasion in the way this episode does. It's the most earthly reaction to an alien invasion that the series has ever done, perhaps, so I wonder what Sandy'll make of that aspect.

    Ack – but I'm blathering! Good work on the podcasts, guys.

  2. It had potential: a good story, nice and creepy monsters, quite well acted; but it was spoiled with the most ill thought out and boring humour by making them fart. I mean that just ruined the story and in my view renders it unwatchable, you just can't take it seriously which I think is such a shame.

  3. I thought AOL/WWIII was a major bump in the road this early in the series. After the build up of the first three episodes, we are hit with what I consider a lackluster and silly two parter. Thankfully, the splendid "Dalek" aired right after and IMO this is where the show really found its groove.

  4. I really liked Dalek. Since I didn't watch Doctor Who until the series reboot, I didn't really get why everyone was so suprised when it wasn't stumped by the staircase, but that crazed, hysterical voice was chilling. And the spitting! C. Eccleston's gritty spitting! After the whole Slitheen thing, it was nice to have a plot that wasn't so much fart-based.

    These podcasts are gold. Thanks for keeping us entertained.

    Jackie from Vancouver

  5. This two parter is clearly aimed at younger audiences, the Slitheen are just too cartoon like to be a credible threat, plus with the same attention to fart gags George Lucas used in the Phantom Menace (years before) means it produces the same cringing effect for anyone over 10. However, it's a well paced story but looses it's way soon on, only saved by some contemporary Blairite satire. It, like so many other DW two parters could have been condensed into a decent 1hr special. I guess they worked that out by the end of Tennant's era.

    As for Dalek, best of the Eccleston era as far as building the Doctors character goes, plus best new series Dalek episode (not that that's saying much), although it's not a patch on it's inspiration, the Big Finish audio "Jubilee", I'd still love to see a decent TV version of that, but thanks to this episode it'll never happen.

    Glad you guys are doing the two parters in one hit, we'll be here forever otherwise…

  6. I loved that these episodes are where we find out Mickey is neither a wuss nor a moron, despite that earlier bad first impression. He valiantly defends Jackie, even though she spent the last year suspecting him of foul play. He does his Internet research on the Doctor and knows what some of the answers are.

    In 2008 I named my motor scooter Mickey in his honor. It's still going strong. Still a bit taken for granted, but resolutely getting things done.

  7. Dalek – This is a terrible story when compared to Shearman's first work with this premise in the Audio 'Jubilee', which is among the greatest Doctor Who stories ever in it's sheer genius and incredibly clever messages regarding human nature and evil's nature and what have you. The only similarity is the concept of a lone Dalek that has been tortured regularly and lacks orders as all the other Daleks are believed dead, and the two stories go in wildly different directions, but the adventure with the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn is far superior.


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