To fill the void, if you pardon the expression, for the next few months, Blogtor has got together with audio commentary partner Alexander J McKinnon to produce a new “series”, The Adventures of Steve Silent & Jimmy Big Hands. A few episodes have been written with one already filmed and the first installment, entitled The Cafe, will be released later this month. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer for the series in the player above…

The Blogtor Who Commentaries
The Silence at the Doctor Who Experience


  1. Awesome! I'm soo looking forward to… what was I saying? Something, about, something… and a guy named steve? (blink, blink)
    dang, I forgot what i was commenting on.

  2. where do you film these? cos im a filmmaker and i just finished university and would love to get involved with the production of something like this, check out my youtube channel to see wat i can do if u like,, please dont think i'm spamming, if u are in the UK and filming somewhere i can get to i will help out if i can, i have a HD professional camera as well as a softbox lighting kit so if you want to bring a more filmic look to the series i'm your man.

  3. Possibly the most awesome Doctor Who spin-off EVER!

    Cap'n Jack eat your heart out!

    Hang on… have I already said that?

  4. Can't wait, really kind of you to spend your time and talents creating these. It will keep us all going. Thanks.


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