Included in the player above is the second trailer for upcoming series featuring The Silence, The Adventures of Steve Silent & Jimmy Big Hands*. It features some locations as used in Doctor Who and was produced by the Blogtor Who commentary duo, Cameron K McEwan and Alexander J McKinnon. Episode One is released on July 9.

The Adventures of Steve Silent & Jimmy Big Hands – trailer 1
The Blogtor Who Commentaries

* Don’t forget, it’s just for fun.


  1. June 11: "A few episodes have been written with one already filmed and the first installment, entitled The Cafe, will be released later this month."

    Could you please release it soon? Not that this video hasn't already made up for the horrible lies (That's probably a gross overstatement, but I didn't know how else to put it.) because it certainly has. All of my impoliteness comes from good intentions. Your commentaries are hilarious and I have high (not too high, I hope.) expectations for the Adventures of Steve Silent and Jimmy Bighands. That title's quite the mouthful… Then again, so is this comment… The End.


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