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Advent Calendar – Day 8

Today is the eighth day of the Blogtor Who Advent Calendar where each day, up until Christmas (it’s the 25th, in case you’re not religious and aren’t aware), I’ll be leaving a little treat for you (though you won’t have to open a door to get it). Day 7 can be found HERE.

Included for your listening pleasure are two “songs” from Blogtor inspired by two Peter Davison stories, Kinda and The Five Doctors. Check out You Can’t Mend People and Not The Mind Probe! in the players below or download in the links provided.

John Barrowman on Never Mind The Buzzcocks
BBC One Christmas Drama trailer
Peter Davison on BBC Breakfast
REVIEW: Mara Tales DVD box set
The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe prequel
Time Crash audio commentary



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