Today is the third day of the Blogtor Who Advent Calendar where each day, up until Christmas (it’s the 25th, in case you’re not religious and aren’t aware), I’ll be leaving a little treat for you (though you won’t have to open a door to get it). Day 2 can be found HERE.

Included for your listening pleasure is the Blogtor Who audio commentary for the Doctor Who episode, Boom Town. Recorded by Cameron K McEwan and Alexander J McKinnon, the commentary can be enjoyed whilst watching the story – though, that’s not essential. Also featured on the podcast are some of your comments left here, on Twitter, and Facebook.
You can download the audio commentary directly HERE, or subscribe on iTunes HERE or use the player below. We are now taking your opinions, questions and thoughts for the 2005 finale, Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways – leave them in the comments section below, on Facebook HERE, on Twitter HERE or email HERE.

Series One is currently being screened by UK digital channel, Watch – Sundays at 12pm (and at various points during the week). The whole series is available on Sky Plus Anytime. Check out Blogtor’s musical tribute to Boom Town below:

The Empty Child audio commentary
The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe promo pics
Matt & Karen in BBC Christmas trail
BBC Breakfast – Matt Smith interview
The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe Preview Podcast


  1. Watching the end of this series now is interesting for me, because Christopher Eccleston was My First Doctor, so something immediately seemed all WRONG about David Tennant. He was on the screen for only a few seconds, but I instantly felt he was going to be terrible and ruin everything forever.

    Of course, by the end of the Christmas special, I had completely forgotten who Christopher Eccleston even was.

    Amazing job on the Canadian accent last week. We all do sound like Grover having an embolism. In thanks, here is a Fun Canadian Fact: magnets work slightly less efficiently in nearly all of Canada due to our proximity to Earth's north magnetic pole. In some of our most northerly communities, like Cambridge Bay, magnets don't work at all! It's a fact!

  2. I feel rather famous now, is that weird? 😛 (the tattoo is on my upper arm, so unless it gets a LOT warmer very quickly, I doubt you'll spot it!)

  3. Wow. I Havenever listened to your auido commentaries before, and i know realise ive been missing out. ill have to listen to them all i think!


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