Today is the sixteenth day of the Blogtor Who Advent Calendar where each day, up until Christmas (it’s the 25th, in case you’re not religious and aren’t aware), I’ll be leaving a little treat for you (though you won’t have to open a door to get it). Day 15 can be found HERE.

In the player above you can find an audio clip from The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe that was played during yesterday’s BBC 5Live interview with Matt Smith and Steven Moffat. I’ve added some images and footage from the trailers to give it more Christmas oomph. Visit the episode section for more clips, pics and news HERE.

Moffat and Smith 5Live interview
Sherlock more promo pics
Karen Gillan in We’ll Take Manhattan
The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe clips
Christopher Eccleston in The Borrowers


  1. The Magna Carta, Pluto, dolls with comical faces. A few homages to his travels, and—HAMMOCKS!

    Maybe this is why his own room in the TARDIS (assuming he has one at all really) never comes up in conversation.

    That was a brilliant scene-setter.


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