Last week, Blogtor listed some of the men that would make top additions to the roster of actors in the next series of Doctor Who – see the list HERE. This time, it’s the turn of the gurlies. There follows a list of eleven actresses that would be trouser~tighteningly delightful to see join Matt, Karen and the other bloke in their journeys in the TARDIS during 2011 and who they could possibly play*.

Sadly, Victoria Coren and Nigella Lawson are still refusing to take up acting otherwise they would most certainly be included, probably as the Rani. Now, remember the two rules from last week: (1) the actress has not already appeared in Doctor Who (on telly); and (2) would also be likely to star in the show (i.e. not Julia Roberts). Let the insanity begin, here’s the list!

Kelly Brook

Haha, the look on your face! Anyway, here’s the real list:

11. Sheridan Smith

OK, let’s the get the obvious one of the way. Sherry has already got Who credentials after voicing Lucie alongside Paul McGan in the excellent Big Finish audio dramas. She’s also been treading the boards with Peter “The Guv’nor” Davison in Legally Blonde so one feels the Two Pints beauty has done enough hard graft to warrant an onscreen performance. Her role? Regenerated Jenny…

10. Helena Bonham Carter

Like Timothy Spall, also situated at number ten in the boys’ list, Mrs Burton tends to spend most of her time living it up on the big screen (and often in the same films as the Spall~a~tron). The actress, however, is not averse to the small screen as Carter’s excellent performance in last year’s BBC Four drama Enid will attest. And her hubby is a fan too (apparently). Excellent candidate for a regenerated Susan…

9. Miranda Richardson

Richo, as she is referred to in Blogtor Towers, pretty much wibbles my frusset pouch every time she pops up on telly or on film. She’s currently being seen in the US conspiracy show Rubicon so that could possibly limit her chances of starring soon (though next year’s opening two~parter will be filmed in the States so it ain’t totally out of the question). If we ever get her out of E~Space, then Richardson should be a regenerated Romana…

8. Zoe Telford

Oh crumbs, bit of a personal indulgement here. Zoe doesn’t appear much on anything really but when she does, crikey. After being somewhat underutilised as Watson’s lady~chum in the recent Moffat/Gatiss re~imagining of Sherlock, it would be nice to see her get a bit more onscreen action, as it were. “Interesting” fact – Zoe is the same age as Blogtor. Her role? Regenerated Donna Noble…

7. Helen Mirren

Seemingly a target for RTD, the Mirrortron is surely a prime suspect for a guest appearance (I’m so sorry). Going against this unbridled optimism, however, is the fact that the small screen hasn’t been home to the gorgeous pensioner for quite some time and she seems happier picking up OSCARs than Time Lords. Definitely a regenerated Adelaide Brooke…

6. Andrea Riseborough

The Rise~enator, as I call her, has already popped up on screen in the marvelous, yet brutishly short~lived, BBC Two show Party Animals (alongside whats~his~face that’s in that show, oh you know who I mean). In fact, the recent Doctor Who Magazine Series 5 Companion had a rather big pic of Andrea alongside Matt – let’s hope this is a prescient move by the mag. I think I may also be a little bit in lurve with her. Who would she play? Regenerated Councillor Flavia…

5. Olivia Hallinan

After having turned heads with her shapely ankles in the most gregarious of fashions in Lark Rise to Candleford (apparently it’s only about eight miles), the Hallimeister already has a connection to Doctor Who having starred in Torchwood (the excellent time~hopping story, Out of Time). Would be nice to see Hallinan as the regenerated offspring of 10.5 and Rose…

4. Katherine Parkinson

Parky, and her flouncy flinty voice, do something to me. And if my trouser~o~meter was high for Andrea Riseborough then it’s positively off the scale for The IT Crowd goddess. Haven’t seen her do much else rather than comedic roles but she’s in everything else on the telly at the moment so why not Who? Plus it would be nice of her to make up for starring in that blummin’ awful BBC Two “comedy” Whites. Perfect choice for the regenerated Amy Pond…

3. Lacey Turner

Now, I must confess, isn’t Eastenders worth watching solely for, as I call her, The Turntable? Her performances in the past year alone have enthralled, saddened and trouser~tightened in equal measure – no mean feat. Lacey~cles, as I now call her, has talent far beyond Walford and the dour half~hour allowed. One would lurve to see her face up to Matt Smith, preferably as a regenerated River Song…

2. Gillian Anderson

She’s got previous when it comes to sci~fi, apparently; something called The X~Files? Nope, I’ve never heard of it either but it was big in the Nineties (so the internet says). Anyway, sarcasm aside, despite the hugeness of her personality and fame Anders has BBC credentials with 2005’s Bleak House (not that bleak it has to be said) and the upcoming The Crimson Petal and the White (also starring Who~ledge Mark Gatiss and The Online/Comic Relief Doctor Richard E. Grant) so popping up in the TARDIS doesn’t seem out of the question. Regenerated Rani, gotta be…

1. Keeley Hawes

Well, who else could it be? As one of the most dynamic females in the industry today, the Hawmintar, as I think everyone refers to her, has the kind of CV which cries out “hire me”, specifically due to her roles in other BBC franchises like [spooks] and Ashes to Ashes. Recently, the actress has been filming a remake of Upstairs Downstairs in Cardiff so someone could quite easily just grab her from there and stick her in Who, optimally with the same outfit. Her role? Regenerated Doctor…
See the actors list here

*PLEASE NOTE: For the humorless out there, and I know through experience there are a few, the suggestions for their characters are NOT serious so don’t go leaving comments that clearly show you don’t understand/appreciate humour. Thanks.


    And how about Angel Coulby? I know she's already had a tiny part in The Girl in the Fireplace, but I would be more than prepared to overlook that.

    And may I add I FULLY support your choice of Miranda Richardson. Cor.

  2. Great list! How about Sally Hawkins as an alt-universe Doctor, who could cross timelines to encounter Matt Smith's incarnation?

    Judging by "Happy-Go-Lucky" and "Made in Dagenham" she could easily portray the Doctor's zest and eccentricity, as well as the character's more reflective side.

    And another suggestion: Laura Elena Harring (she of "Mulholland Drive" fame) as Romana III. Perhaps the story could echo the character(s) she played in that film by having Romana not knowing who she is and meeting the Doctor, who discovers her true identity in the course of the adventure? Hmm…

    Her website's here:

  3. Nothing wrong with the idea of Kelly Brook appearing in DOCTOR WHO. And I'd say it's a bit more likely than the notion of getting Helena Bonham Carter or Helen Mirren.

  4. Respectfully disagreeing, David & Anon, but Joanna Lumley should still be the first choice for alt-universe female Doctor!

    Bonus points if she pulls a bottle of Stoli out of her extra-dimensional pocket. EXTRA bonus points if she dresses in one of Jon Pertwee's old outfits.

    P.S. Why not Indira Varma as regenerated Suzie Costello? 😉

  5. Yup Indira Varma was great in Luther recently, as was Ruth Wilson.

    I'm surprised that neither Gina McKee or Rebecca Front have been in Doctor Who yet.

    (Although maybe this would become a DW/ The Thick of It crossover. You could have Malcolm Tucker meet his doppelgänger John Frobisher…the resultant outburst of creative swearing would probably be better suited to Torchwood though!)

  6. Oh yes! Keeley Hawes please! She's been awesome in Ashes To Ashes.
    Zoe Telford has been in some great stuff also 🙂

  7. It should be someone young to play Romana otherwise it looks odd having a young Doctor and an old Romana who looks like his mother.

    Romana didn't stay in E-space she went back to Gallifrey and became President and Lalla ward still plays her in the big finish audios


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