Included for your listening pleasure is the Blogtor Who audio commentary for Doctor Who Series 7, Episode Three, A Town Called Mercy. Recorded by Cameron K McEwan and Alexander J McKinnon, the commentary can be enjoyed whilst watching the story – though, that’s not essential. You can download the audio commentary directly HERE, subscribe on iTunes HERE or use the player below.


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  1. Hey, err, just some general praise for all commentaries. Keep meaning to express my gratitude. They're all wonderful and often bad-torchwood-episode-savingly-hilarious. Thank you both, especially the actor who plays Sandy. His portrayal of the baffled sidekick, constantly struggling to repress non-family-friendly thoughts, is truly masterful. I think I saw him an episode of BBC2's "Casualty, Holby City And The Bill" last week. Iloveyoubyeeeeee, Jacob.

  2. Went for first viewing earlier with audio commentary from two 6 year olds. Then second viewing post kiddie bed time with subtitles and your commentary (plus wine). Suffice to say yours is considerably more entertaining and less annoying…not annoying at all in fact. I’ve almost caught up now up with the back catalogue of commentaries and thoroughly enjoyed them all- uber fanks and that….It’s possible I may need to take a break as aforementioned 6 year olds said this evening “don’t say next time like that Mum, it makes you sound really stupid”

  3. the cyborg refused to shoot over the line because he didn't want to get the townspeople involved in his revenge, and the line was the only thing keeping him back.

    great commentary as usual~

  4. Gotta love Sandy and his "fact" sheets. You two are wonderful as always. <3

    Also: Na-Nu Na-Nu (Isn't it sad that I almost squealed at the Mork reference?)


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