Nerd Block has been putting out boxes full of geek content for years now. Depending on what they can cram into the box, it’ll come with 4-6 items, one of which is always a t-shirt. The fun part is, it’s a surprise! You don’t know what you’re getting unless they do a “spoiler” (that’s what they call it when they tell you an item that’s inside). You select the size of t-shirt you want but the rest is a mystery!

Over the years Nerd Block has grown beyond simply being a box of nerd goodies and expanding their line-up of boxes into genres. They started with the Horror block which is dedicated to all things scary and have included a comic book block, a Sci-fi block, (which has recently turned into a Science fiction & Fantasy block known as Sci-fan) and even a gamer block for video games. They’ve even given you the option for the mature gamers content or a box for everybody. They even have Junior Blocks for kids, one for boys and one for girls. The options are growing and so is their popularity.

So popular in fact that they’ve introduced a new Block dedicated entire to Doctor Who. There were almost always Doctor Who goodies in the Sci-fi block and the demand must have been high enough for them to offer an exclusive box of only Doctor Who goods! They’ve just sent out their second Block and we’re going to take a look to see what’s inside.

Before we get to the exciting part though a word of warning. Nerd Block can be slow. I’ve been getting blocks, off and on for years and receiving them hasn’t always been easy, or speedy. For example, this block closed availability for purchase and typically you will receive your shipping confirmation shortly thereafter. However, after 3 or 4 days I reached out to confirm that I hadn’t missed my confirmation (past experience has made me cautious) and they got back to me saying they were slightly behind and that it should go out next week. Two weeks later I finally received the shipping notification.

That said, it’s very exciting when you finally receive your package. As slow, or frustrating as it can be sometimes the customer service is usually pretty good, just be sure if you’re going to cancel your package to do it before the deadline, otherwise you will be charged for, and receive, another block.

Be warned, if you’ve purchased this block and haven’t received yours already, (this block likely hasn’t reached everywhere as of yet,) the below will contain spoilers.

Without further ado, here come the spoils of the second Doctor Who block!

To start, look at that box! It looks great and can be reused to store old items. It’s a sturdy box and they always do a good job of sorting items so they don’t break. Accidents happen but I’ve yet to receive a broken item.

Doctor Who Nerd Block Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
Doctor Who Nerd Block Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

The first item I pulled out was the Twelfth Doctor’s Blue Sonic Screwdriver LED torch! It’s not a very practical means of lighting your way but it’s by far the coolest, and it actually gives off a decent amount of light.

Next out came the Bad Wolf water bottle. This dates back a few years, and it isn’t dishwasher safe but, at least for me, that’s fine. It’s nice to have and that makes two items that can be useful as well as being fun Doctor Who merch.


Doctor Who Nerd Block Flask
Doctor Who Nerd Block Flask

The third item, what I normally save for last, a t-shirt with Bill on it! It’s a fun kind of retro design but it is white, not my personal preference for a t-shirt and the design is rather large so this may not get worn out in public too often but I’m happy to have something with Bill on it and it will get worn.


Doctor Who Nerd Block - T-shirt
Doctor Who Nerd Block – T-shirt

I proceeded to pull out a Doctor Twelfth Book! One of the Mr. Men books originated by Roger Hargreaves. Adam Hargreaves, the son of Roger, wrote and illustrated a series of Doctor Who inspired books. This is something I already have and read frequently to my daughter who absolutely loves these books! It’s not bad to have a back up with the kind of wear and tear our copy is taking.

Last out of the box is a Titans Vinyl Materialising TARDIS variant! This is a sweet addition to the group of mostly useful, though very fun items! This one is just a looker and will go nicely next to my Doctor Who Pop figures and a few of my other Titan Vinyls.
I will admit a part of me was hoping that the great delay was because they would be adding a San Diego Comic Con Clara Pop, but alas, no. It’s fine though, this is a really great box, filled with a variety of items but very obviously all Doctor Who related and my day was made!

Doctor Who Nerd Block - Titan TARDIS
Doctor Who Nerd Block – Titan TARDIS

Month to month varies on items and quality and satisfaction. Some boxes could be exactly what you want, while some may leave you feeling underwhelmed. Typically though it’s a positive, it’s just what degree of happiness you have towards the items in the block. The best thing with the Doctor Who block is that you are sure to receive Doctor Who items. With the Sci-fan block, you may get a Doctor Who item, it may be amazing or it may just be a filler item. Here you’re sure to get something and quite often there will be Nerd Block exclusives.

I highly recommend you try a Block in the future. Naturally, I think you should try out the Doctor Who Block but check out their line and see what they have available. The Doctor Who block goes for $49.99 and includes shipping while other blocks vary in prices. Typically it’s $29.99 plus S&H depending on where you live.

For more information, visit, Facebook and on Twitter @NerdBlock
Doctor Who Official Nerd Block
Doctor Who Official Nerd Block


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