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9/10 Review: Titan Comics – Sherlock – A Study In Pink #5 – Hold On Tight

TITAN COMICS Sherlock #5 by Mark Wheatley
A Study In Pink #5 adds originality to a famed Sherlock story.

Sherlock’s relationship with the law is famously fickle. The comic opens with a ‘drug bust’, police swarming the famous 221B London flat of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Again, Steven Moffat’s television script remains intact in Jay’s adaptation. However, Jay atmospherically adds to the mystery of the episode. Launched into an unnerving distrust of its central character, A Study In Pink #5 employs the manga art style that compliments Sherlock brilliantly.

Unsettling Villan
TITAN COMICS Sherlock #5 Preview 2
TITAN COMICS Sherlock #5 Preview 2

Each panel is laden with panic as it explodes out from the page. After all, in being the penultimate issue of the case, shocking revelations begin cropping up. In a similar fashion to Doctor Who, the issue’s villain is excitingly unsettling, plucked from an everyday normality and warped into a cause for fear. Whilst their face is recognisable on television, the manga art style adds mystery to the killer. Glasses conceal eyes and caps shadow faces. Occasionally, he adorns a smug smirk in place of the originals bitter ferocity. This all contributes a welcome dose of intrigue.

Through Sherlock’s Eyes

Furthermore, panel placement is just as effective. They slash across squinted eye lines and focus on first person views. Elementally, Sherlock’s point of view is one of the most unique insights of them all. To see his opponent through his eyes is an experience unto itself. However, it is unnerving when viewing Sherlock through the eyes of his enemy. Or, in fact, down the barrel of a gun. Simply put, the panel structure adds atmosphere. They add a whole new dimension to storytelling. Each panel is a key piece to the puzzle. Not one is wasted.

No Superhero
TITAN COMICS Sherlock #5 Preview 3

Nevertheless, A Study In Pink #5 reminds readers of a crucial fact. This is Sherlock before he begins to love those around him. He is not a superhero. He is human, no matter how much he’d hate to admit it. His choices are questionable, and his ethics don’t always mirror his intellect. Interestingly, it is not particularly evident if Sherlock rises to these challenges for others well being. He casually skips from safety, walking a hundred miles when one would do.

Ultimately, A Study In Pink #5 serves as the penultimate issue to a six part series. Things need to get a whole lot worse before they get better. Hold on tight!

Sherlock: A Study In Pink #5
Writer: Steven Moffat

Artist: Jay.

A drugs bust at 221B Baker Street leads to a revelation regarding the victim’s phone… but when Sherlock gets a call – and a ride – it’s from the last person he suspected! With the serial killer revealed, Sherlock faces his most taxing criminal investigation yet. Can a man really talk his victims to death? Is Sherlock strong enough to prevail in the face of blind chance? There’s only one way to find out!

TITAN COMICS Sherlock #5 by Robert Hack
TITAN COMICS Sherlock #5 Photo Variant



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