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50th Anniversary Special set report

Earlier today, filming continued in London on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, and Blogtor popped by the set in Trafalgar Square (from 7am!) to take some pics – click on the images for bigger versions. Pictured on set were Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart) and Ingrid Oliver (possibly a UNIT scientist).

Watch some footage of Matt Smith in action in the player above. At the very bottom of the post you’ll find some dialogue heard during the scenes and some on set info. Read a report and see pics from yesterday’s filming HERE.

Dialogue and some set info coming up after these pictures!

During a scene after the TARDIS lands The Doctor tells the formed UNIT troop with Kate Stewart to “Shut up!” and then proceeds to say to her, “A word to the wise, as I’m sure you’re father would have told you, I don’t like being picked up.” Kate then informs the Doctor she has “sealed orders from Her Majesty Elizabeth the First” and hands him an envelope (pictured above).

When the TARDIS is landing the character played by Ingrid Oliver, pictured wearing a Fourth Doctor scarf (especially hand made for this production), is flustered and uses an inhaler. At one point during their conversation The Doctor acknowledges the scarf and points to it.

Finally, earlier this year Matt gave the word “paintings” as a hint as to what to expect from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special (watch him talk about it HERE). Some filming today took place in front of the National Gallery with UNIT soldiers guarding it.

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